Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coup d' etat, money and drug trafficking in Latin America.

CNN and other international media must take into account that over 75% of the population of Honduras can not afford a computer let alone internet or international calls under the control of the minority elites linked to the rich, this is added to a the highest illiteracy rates in Latin America.
Educated people in Honduras are therefore GENERAL linked to the elite of wealthy families, a minority that supported the coup and the institutions that protect their interests.
The common citizen has no right to Honduran internet, de facto, although legally established right to this information, illiteracy and poverty isolation from the rest of the world.

International agencies that control drug trafficking must be aware of the power of drug traffickers in the area and its possible involvement in the military coup in Honduras.
1 .- The area should be monitored intensively.
2 .- There should be exchange of information with Mexico and the Mexican mafia links with the local mafias in Honduras.
3 .- The movement of money from Honduras should be tracked at the international level, so that the drug money laundering in tax havens is as we have experienced in the past with military and corrupt officials.
4 .- The central banks must be aware of these suspicions about the involvement of drug mafias operating in Mexico in the recent military coup in Honduras.
As we know from American banks and bank accounts of Pinochet, as a general rule, coups d'etat in Latin America are paid with millions of dollars in fiscal paradise for domes milityares, who incidentally, tend to receive money, too, from drug trafficking, intensive goods in the area that runs from Mexico to Honduras based on corruption of the legal system, at the moment.
Coup d'etat is associated to corruption in the legal system and institution and linked to the mafia of drug trafficker that tray to take the power in Mexico.
The drug gangs that try to destabilize the Mexican government today are the first interested in desestabilized Honduras, because, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are their most active areas.
It is necessary to maintain a "status quo" of corruption in the legal and constitutional system to keep citizens in defenseless "de facto" at the will and mercy of the traffickers, officers, police and military corrupted as we see in Mexico, today.
This is the first law of the drug market:
The common citizen's legal defenseless.

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