Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congress imposed President Micheletti, leader of the coup in Honduras.

OAS Secretary General Condemns Coup Against the Government of Honduras
The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, after finding out the details about the situation in Honduras, strongly condemned the coup been carried out by a group within the military against the Government of President José Manuel Zelaya.Mr. Insulza demanded that the rebels reveal the whereabouts of President Zelaya, and called on the Honduran people, the nations in the Americas and the international community to join forces against this grave disturbance of the democratic process currently being enjoyed throughout the Continent.Secretary General Insulza called an urgent meeting of the Permanent Council of the hemispheric institution today at 11.00 (EST) at the OAS Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Where is in any Magna Carta around the planet, where, how it comes, which authorized the army based on political matter to break the door with rifle butts and fired at the house of the President of a democratic country free elected by the people and then extradited to another country, by kidnapping him at gunpoint in the head, where the legal procedure in wich Constitution, if that can be explained "a posteriori" by the Congress of Honduras surrounded by military, where the law of procedure, if you can explain to the Organization of the America States and United Nation community if we take in account in the international community courts of justice the legal precedent process of Pinochet in Chile and the military dictatorchip in Argentina...?
Congres of Honduras talking about legality and democracy imposed a new President named Michelletti, leader of the a political conspiration in the same stryle of Borgia family. The Congress of Honduras actually is surrounded by military after a coup d'etat and the country without power, radio and TV. No communication, journalist ... target under military weapons...

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