Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chancellor Patricia Rodas of Honduras:abducted, an interantional call to preserve her life.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla called pro-cups to reinstate Manuel Zelaya to his office
Guantánamo, Cuba, June 28, (CMKS local radio station) .-
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, called the pro-coups to reinstate Manuel Zelaya to his office, after being the victim of a violent and unconstitutional act condemned worldwide. At the same time he blamed the Army´s forces with the Chancellor Patricia Rodas´ life, which was also kidnapped and beaten. The Cuban government also called today for international organizations and Honduran public opinion to condemn the coup taken place in the Central American country. The Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, called the United Nations (UN), the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the Rio Group and the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) to demand respect for constitutional guarantees in Honduras. Cuba describes as criminal and brutal the coup d'etat in that country and claims for a return to his office President Manuel Zelaya, and calls for the security of the Chancellor Patricia Rodas´ life. "I denounce the criminal and brutal nature of this coup," said the Cuban minister of Foreign Affairs at a press conference. Rodriguez also urged that country´s armed forces to preserve the life of the Chancellor Patricia Rodas, whose whereabouts were unknown shortly after noon. Rodas was next to the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, about 10 am, where Major Oceguera, of the Armed Forces, tried to convince her to leave Honduras, said the Cuban Minister. However, a group of about 15 soldiers in balaclavas burst into the place and took the diplomats and the chancellor to the airbase in Tegucigalpa, as told by the Cuban ambassador to Tegucigalpa, Juan Carlos Hernández. Hernandez stressed that they were pushed and beaten by the military, to which their cell phones were expropriated. Rodriguez, for his part, appealed to international public opinion, to the Honduras armed forces, especially its decent and honest officers to save the life of Rodas. The military that abducted Rodas violated the international law and the Vienna Convention, recalled the Cuban Foreign Minister and acted with the style of the most cruel and violent Latin American dictatorships of the past. On the other hand, he demanded dignity and commitment to freedom as well as the establishment of political parties and the Congress of Honduras.
Source: Prensa Latina and Cubadebate
Translation: Ilia Charón

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