Sunday, May 24, 2009

World Bank president:"There is a food crisis that has not calmed down as much as people think"

The World Bank President Robert Zoellick (Naperville, Illinois, 1953): There is a high degree of uncertainty, risk. And a financial institution dedicated to the development should focus on risk"".I am not ignore the opinion is that this scenario nobody knows for sure what will happen and it is best to be prepared for any unexpected events.
P. After soaring unemployment and the protests that have appeared in many countries, sees a risk of social crisis?

R. "Maybe. What started as a great financial crisis and became a deep economic crisis, is now leading to a major crisis of unemployment, if we do not take action, there is a risk that it becomes a
serious human and social crisis, with political implications very important. The key may be the incentives."
"The probability of a Great Depression is low but never zero"

"But be careful because the use of production capacity remains extremely low. And that is a warning sign."
These are excerpts from an interview during a visit to Madrid of the World Bank President, if you want to read the full interview on "El Pais.Es", Madrid, Spain, click, here:

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