Friday, May 15, 2009

UK awaiting to assess war crimes charges against Israel .Massacre in Gaza.

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GMT: 5/15/2009 2:00:34 PM

UK awaiting to assess war crimes charges against Israel
London, May 15, IRNA
The British government is still waiting to assess whether it will bring or support war crimes charges against Israel during its recent massacre of over 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza.
According to Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown, the British government is “deeply concerned” about the findings of the summary Gaza report from the UN Board of Inquiry, set up the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Malloch-Brown declined to specify when asked whether the British government was seeking a positive response from Israel on the latest war crime report, which was limited to investigate nine specific incidents involving UN property. But in a written reply to parliament published Friday, he said that his government believed that the “inviolability of UN installations should be respected.” “As we have said, we take seriously all allegations of breaches of international humanitarian law and have consistently stated that they should be properly investigated,” said Malloch-Brown, who was a former deputy secretary general of the UN. “There are still some aspects of Israeli investigations being carried out. Once the outcomes of this and other investigations are clear we will consider the results carefully and assess whether further action is necessary,” he said. 2220**345**1420
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