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The third grade elementary education in Florida does not guarantee higher education by 60% or more of the students.

How they( the school board) discovered the "cafe con leche" in Florida, again.
The cut in funds for primary and basic education in Florida will increased recession* in the state whose economy is in the tertiary industry and subsidies, will make its universities more dependent on the enrollment of foreign students, prevent the development of techniques and companies biotechnology.
Since the late 90's the poor state of education in Miami-Dade made numerous transnational headquarters relocation area.
The new policy of funding cuts in education that teachers send home without reclassifying (no gap year) will in ten years that U.S. companies"non stop" leaving United States to countries with better qualified work force in primary / basic education as in India. United States in ten years will be more and more depending of the "brain drain".
It is a politics of purpose "boomerang" to jeopardize the U.S. leadership in science and technology.
Florida takes more than fifteen years to recover from the recession that began in 1933, just as on this occasion, in Sarasota County for the sale of houses, is historical and cyclical crises of Owen. The situation now is much worse, we have a commercial area Florida-Caribbean-Mexico which balances the global economy and domestic policy towards U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean while calificacion least have the work force in Florida, the recession in Mexico and Climate Change in the Caribbean will make the global economy is hard to control for many years and unbalanced U.S. policy creating more internal divisions and contradictions within the United States from Florida to the Caribbean countries and Mexico, isolated and without a common economic philosophy , will be much worse, this shot migration of the poorest and ill-prepared for United States as the only solution to the crisis
due to bad federal governments strategies in terms of education.

Sarasota County, Florida is the industrial base of the Florida American Heritage, now considered by Canadian universities,it is the most influential in the United States, to the point that he was adopted by Hegminguey as hes dominant cultural perception of the world, have his a reference in Cayo Hueso, Jose Marti, adopted it as a reference for the Party in Tampa an to found the criticism tools to the German working class in New York and Marx ideas about class.
The American Heritage Florida affects the entire U.S. domestic politics and in relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.
About 50% or more of third grade students in elementary Florida state examination fails reading and mathematics, that disaster threatens school technical and vocational education of thousands of students even if they join the university will be a headache for teachers. The same problem we had in 1977 at the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba when I was involved in the dissemination of scientific research theses of students graduating and even won a title with very low rate academic. The teachers quickly gave the alarm and were undertaken numerous field work, mathematical tables was processed and found a module in the third grade of primary school with basic errors in the reading literature and other details that do not remember now. I do not think we have to invent the cafe con leche (Without reading level and the level of poetic thought Jean Baptiste Vico*, there is no science that is worth) to address the problem of education in Florida is not on teachers but those who plan execute and designated to be the bibliography of required courses in the performance of didactics as it happen in Cuba in 1977 and found the problem in 1979 BASED ON U.O. RESEARCHES). I remember at that time we used the german Klimber teaching with excellent results, but cost years to repair the mistakes and requested an investigation by historians of education of all texts in kindergarten through third grade, diachronic and sincronic(1).
From age to age, rhythmic pattern Unesco to heroic narrative-child (kindergarten through third grade) are met sychoanalisis patterns of the link with the mother that follow in Cuba elementary school which are chosen by female teachers in kindergarten-age youth fertile and still female teachers very experienced in first-third grade, never male teachers, only suitable for fourth grade and up.
REF:Theses and classified boards on the math problem third grade of primary school archived in the Science Researches Dpt. at the University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba since 1979.
*Author: Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952Subject: Vico, Giambattista, 1668-1744Publisher: Paris M. Giard & É. BrièrePossible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHTLanguage: FrenchCall number: AAA-4326Digitizing sponsor: MSNBook contributor: Robarts - University of TorontoCollection: toronto

(1)Hence, government and business in Japan analyzed the academic indicator from primary school and teacher evaluation and opinions, also takes into account the credit of the university's graduates to give a working place, so as to avoid loss of trillions of dollars in miscalculated facts and logic error.(I obtein this informarion, and more, from the Embassy of Japan in Habana since the midled of the 6O's when I star in correspondence by mail with the very nice cultural office).

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