Saturday, May 9, 2009

The strategy of the international left rigth now is to support the economy of Mexico.

The main source of this problem of tactics and strategy in the policies of the party raised this in the book of Lenin: "The State and Revolution" that must be discussed by all the cores on the approach to the (praxis) helps to Mexico.
The State and the Revolution (1970)
Author: Lenin, V.I.Keywords: communism; USSR; Russian RevolutionPublisher: Peking; Foreign Language PressYear: 1970Language: English translated from RussianBook contributor: dudeman5685Collection: opensource

The strategy of the international left is in the class with the policy toward Mexico rigth now, the international solidarity with the President of Mexico Felipe Calderon toward the economic crisis inside this country is a politics of class, intellectuals and parties and a strategy antimperialist for strengthen the labor movement and intelligence: women around the world.
All parties of the left face the task of political solidarity with Mexico and to discuss them at all nucleus party in the area and outside the area inside the international net of the left with the main office in London...
This is the main strategy rigth now at international level with our brothers arabs and arabs musulmans to the easy and pacific end of the foreign ocupation of Irak and the figth againts terrorism around the world based on to support the social policies of the President Obama with the american worker class, despite the evolution of the imperialist relation in the american socioeconomy of the State.
The "rerum nature" of the class is the most important in the evolution of philosofy if we see this cuestion as the russian philosofer of the 70's when they took about dialectic in the terminology of "active activiy" inside the (praxis) evolution of the worker class.
We can no let alone the worker movement of Mexico based on a weaken state or we will face the consecuence.

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