Monday, May 25, 2009

Visit Leo Brower impacts and creates expectations in Russia.

Russia - Iberoamérica 25.05.2009 Russia waiting for recurrence of eminent Cuban musician 25-05-2009 16:16 Moscow, May 25, PL, for RIA Novosti. By Jorge Petinaud.

The reappearance of the Cuban Leo Brouwer musician in a Russian stage after more than 30 years focused the eyes of critics and music lovers in the city of Kaluga, capital guitar world today. The city located 180 kilometers southwest of Moscow devotes XII International Festival of Guitar World which will run until May 29 to pay tribute to her 70 birthday artist, who announced the program as "a freak of music of the twentieth century. " Brouwer will lead the orchestra on Monday at the Music Live inaugural gala dedicated to her creations, and the soloists will be recognized guitarist and Russian Dmitri Ilarionov strong quartet, comprised of musicians from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. Oleg Akimov, artistic director of this cultural event told Prensa Latina that the governor of this region with the same name as its capital city to attend the hall of the Philharmonic to join the tribute, like the Cuban Ambassador Juan Valdes. The program provides the festival on Tuesday 26 at the House of Music City session called "Leo Brouwer: a phenomenon of music and guitarist of the twentieth century." At that time, the author of In Praise of the eternal spiral dance and hold what organizers called a meeting with the creative artist emeritus of Ukraine Vladimir Dotsenko, renowned scholar of his work since the days of the Soviet Union. Back in Moscow, the Conservatory Chaikovski announced the presence at its May 30 Board of Rachmaninov String Quartet in Havana in a concert devoted to issues created by the figure recognized as the most important of the classic Cuban music today. Born in 1939, Brouwer is a composer, guitarist, cellist, percussionist, pianist, pedagogue and conductor. In his vast creation has come a wide musical journey from serialism and post-serial called to randomness. He is known especially in the world of guitar, but has an extensive catalog of chamber in which stand four string quartets, recorded recently in Spain by the String Quartet in Havana. Cuba thanked him for the founding of the Orchestra of the Musical Theater of Havana (1961), the Modern Music (1968), the group Experimentation Sonora Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), among other important projects. A recent survey of 50 years of Cuban cinema, selected soundtrack written by Lucia for the movie as the best in the half century of cinema on the island.

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