Monday, May 4, 2009

The open policy of Pandora in the caribbean.

The unfortunate inclusion of Cuba as a terrorist country in the new list of United States shows that actually there is, really in the bottom, only cosmetics, no change in policy toward Cuba by the Obama administration, but it must be considered a tactical moves of the new surface agent that plays with the possibility of a conflict of low intensity in the Caribbean, endangering the economy and stability in the region. •
To date, Cuba has never done performances in global operations for the execution of terrorists who have walked freely on U.S. territory and against which only exerts a constant monitoring on the territory of United States as demonstrated in the case of five police officers anti-terrorist involved in a case of espionage to be analyzed by the U.S. Supreme Court because has no place, nor was due process as it deems world opinion among jurists. ?
Even before leaving Cuba in 1996 to live among my brothers Cuban Americans in Miami, the Cardinals and messengers of Peace and Justice told us that the American blockade was unacceptable to the Holy Catholic Church in the Vatican and is only made for them by consolidating Cuban families and people to people contact between the United States and Cuba, as I stated a U.S. priest descended from Thomas Jefferson in the church of Santiago de Cuba where he preached.

By contrast, today, in the Cuban embassy, Cuban nationality are granted to descendants of thousands of Cubans and Cuban Americans are being addressed with the doctors in Cuba seeking universal health care, in most cases for free, including drugs and dentist that are extremely expensive and not affordable for so many cubanamericans and in the United States even with health insurance paid.
Everybody knows that Cuba export medicine and phisicians around the world.
So when we went to lie down among ourselves only by the fact that Cuba is a communist state ninety miles from United States, such as China and Viet Nam?

If we continue to include Cuba in the list of terrorist countries, which is actually a new policy toward Latin America if the new mandatory in the White House known by its expertise in the latest summit of Trinidad Tobago that in any treaty or negotiation with Latin America and the Caribbean United States will have to reckon with the presence of Cuba, including countries outside the area?
What is the true policy toward Cuba is that if Washington had any idea, maybe, somewhere in the brain on the island or may even have some ability to think on Cuba after fifty years of failures and more failures. A U.S. policy of blockading Cuba, gentlemen, because it just the fuse and the lamp, follow what it is trying to light a fire with green wood and wet. The new administration of President Obama should put his feet on earth and live the reality or it will always be our lives pending of the thread of Ariadne and the curiosity of Pandora.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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