Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama, the intelligence of the Party and the class struggle in the United States of America.

Notes on the intelligence and solidarity international strategy of all political parties to the social and moral responsibility of the American working class and his nature of worker-peasant class itself for first time in the history of the humanity.

by Gualterio Nunez Estrada.

The current economic crisis erupts from the sale of houses with its epicenter in Sarasota Florida, like the financial collapse of 1930. ? But what is the difference in the nature of this crisis with the 1930?

The difference is that the composition of classes in 1930 showed no major differences in social status, whereas now the class struggle within the country is strong because there are big differences and inequalities between the classes to which the item President Obama spoke of "second class citizens" to demonstrate their social policies.

The difference is either the class nature of the President and his closest allies who come from a proletarian vanguard of the intelligentsia in the country unlike previous presidents from rich families with power of kinship. The other difference is that Obama takes the presidency with the support of unions, youth and middle school students but the college class of factors within the rich middle class. The moral responsibility of the parties with the working class and farmers in the United States of America can not be supplanted by an antiamerican demagogy populist discourse from inmature sichology inside the ideology of the party that does not support the left and the American Communist Party inside the United States, while Obama is the President of the Empire more powerful of the earth due to this factors:

1) The nature of the American people is kind of worker peasant class as if for the first time in human history.

2) There must be international solidarity of the party with such factors, while retaining the position and anti imperialist and anti colonialism in accordance with the guidelines of Non-Alinee Countries.

3) All the Latin American political parties are accountable to the Chinese Communist Party that runs the engine of world economy and since the late fifties by Mao's ideology about America adopt policies of development cooperation with Latin America.

4) We are obliged as a party and as intellectuals to support the cessation of hostilities and occupation of Iraq, the peaceful reunification of North Korea and South, to support the harmony between Israelis and Palestinians, and especially to support U.S. diplomacy toward Iran, is a moral obligation to the class and with Obama and root for his representation of class.
The President of Brazil,Lula, referring to the global economic crisis and the challenges that this imposes on the developing world, I remember he said one sentence: "There is money, what is lacking is political will." Taking into consideration that the social policies of Obama are not only key to solve the economic crisis and the internal contradictions within the American society and is a society whose institutions are references to Latin America and much of the world, we believe which not only requires a voluntary policy of solidarity with the working class at the U.S. matches left, but the sufficient intelligence for the speeches anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist do not turn off the flame that the nature of class lit up in the will of workers and peasants to make a Representatives of the power as we know, from the premises of bourgeois right in the U.S. Constitution, would only be able to reconcile class interests in the new social policies if the representatives of workers and peasants, where political parties with social sympathize with this movement that shook America today, beyond any mistake in the "praxis" in the moral springs of the American people, in their ethics and morals class, much more powerful force in history that the character of the rule and small allied interests chauvinism small bourgeois elites arrested in time, play the rol as social social force with intelligent that would have to ask himself: • Up to that point the anti-imperialist and anti -colonialist ideology move us from the naure of the class interests and solidarity with the working peasant class of reference, if we can not interact with "active activity" with this class?" "Is the international situation which negates the intelligence and sympathy of the class or there is not yet mature in the political parties of the left to find out until it reached the limits of the antimperislista and colonialist strategy that does not affect the interests of the nature of class and social and economic transformations in the United States which shall decide in the near future how many people become hungry in the world and until we can ensure there on the planet habitat."
It is no secret that does not possess, as the communist party, left or right with bourgeois social policies, not to possess this intelligence with the U.S. working class and peasants and their leaders are jeopardizing the future of China and his party in duty with other workers party in the world. Before that I think Whole is depending inside the responsibility of our political will as representative of the class anywhere we are in the world.
The first to see the extent of the nature of class in America was when Jose Marti approaching imperialist invasion to Mexico said that it had to contain their spirits are up against United States with intelligence because "something was done to the republic" in the USA. Jose Marti, the first to describe the American working class and against the methods of struggle of the working class German criticism of the nature of class struggle and socio-economic phenomenon whose nature is different in America.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 3423.

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