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How do Cubans the impact of the global economic crisis in the country?

The thermometer of the global crisis began to tick higher temperatures in the archipelago. Cubans, despite their difficult situations in blanks, as well as some confused, they start to feel the dangers that lie ahead By: Yailin Orta Rivera, Rocio Olivares Trujillo, Julio Martínez Molina and Osviel Castro Medel Email: May 24 2009 01:07:44 GMT
24 de mayo de 2009 01:07:44 GMT
May 24 2009 01:07:44 GMT Pepín need not consult oracles. Meet the tensions experienced by the global economy and its complex warp. Has followed the financial wrongs through the news and we went up with a concern that applies to all: "I am restless, I can not deny it. Sometimes I feel that people do not understand the real dimensions of the case and how we affect us. " The Cienfuegos Enrique Poblet shares this vision. Cree that many of his fellow assume the collapse as something very far from the waters of this island, as if these can also protect us from the "contagion". The earthquake on the international stage is raised a thousand ways, but what we believe will have potential ramifications on the Cuban economy? What can we do to overcome? The questions raised by this newspaper in a poll by various provinces of the country, triggered many concerns.
"The growth we had proposed a six percent will not be achieved, we anticipate achieving a 2.4 or 2.5 percent, the newspaper assured the minister of Economy and Planning, Marino Alberto Murillo Jorge.
"Other young people raised in the territory east of the country are not aware of the staggering of finance universal. "What mortify?" Confesses Marelis Rodriguez, 18 years."

..."Liben Estrada doctor 26 years, is also aware of the economic dynamics. We knew from the news it receives each day on the growth of unemployment, and trade it had with people with knowledge of the facts of the problem. For him the crisis "is real, it can take years." The doctor acknowledged that the country does not live between crystals, so that Cubans can not be behind the phenomenon. "Many products are dependent on trade with other countries and there complications arise, it inevitably comes up."

(Now,the psychology of the paternalistic state can solve everything as Superman is a marginal thought of slavery spain colonial regime where the owner of the farm gave him-the slaves- a solution, however, note the blogger)

"...But finally, back on the usual role 'paternalism' of the country. "The state will repay the coup, but the Revolution can not work miracles without the participation of all people. Everyone has something to contribute, mainly by saving as much as possible. ""

(Whole world knows that the crisis facing not dependent on the goodwill or "propaganda" to move the mass but from the political intelligence and science to face it, to have enough good will you must pray in the church, but this will not solve the phisical phenomenon of the economic crisis and climate change, some hurricane one to each other is one example of this situation coming to us in the caribbean- Mexico is now in recession-, not only in Cuba... blogger note)

..."Nobody believed to be immune, are difficult days ahead and we must be aware of that, well prepared and above all feel the need to assist the country from each post, especially with the economics is one of the reserves we have, "he said Yunel Hernandez, the station announcer CMKX Radio Bayamo.

...When asked about the perception they have of the potential impact of global economic and financial crisis on the island, Candido Alvarez, a farmer of 43 years, responded emphatic: "To work hard, there is no more than that. And yet today many still do not want them, and look how the world goes with so many people looking for work! "We need to get food to the earth, and that is what we need most. People do not work because the salary is insufficient, the salary is money, money economy, and that is now in trouble. " Other Yanela Varela believe as we do not leave one to enter another. 'When suddenly notice an improvement, the time you drop the bucket of cold water ... is one thing to another, and the poorest we have to always dance with the ugliest. "
...But perhaps the most serious economic pitfalls associated with the birth of a wave of rumors with dyes catastrophic. Jennifer Menendez thereon, tourism workers, suggested that it is accurate or belie argue with facts on these issues. "Some people are already saying that they will not receive the oil, soap and other necessities, and that blackouts
will be long again.

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