Thursday, May 28, 2009

The estrategy of Cuba and the Caribbean is inclined to increase the academic and scientific exchange with Russia.

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Microsoft запрещен на Кубе, в целях предотвращения передачи технологий и экспорта на остров привет-компьютерных технологий и "нечеткой логики", как это было продемонстрировано в 2003 году тот факт, что министерство торговли США, не придают США / Куба-Инфомед лицензию направить 423 компьютеров в больницах и поликлиниках, поскольку "было бы пагубным для интересов внешней политики Соединенных Штатов". Все это свидетельствует о том, что в академических обменов с США только на гуманитарном с полным отсутствием phisica, математики, техники и передовых технологий, кстати в районе Америка экспортировала только в Канаду или обменять. Склонны считать, логика в российских ученых и научных работников, которые не имеют границ со своими кубинскими коллегами, как это было продемонстрировано в истории Гаваны-Москва отношениях.

Microsoft is forbidden in Cuba to prevent the transfer of technology and exports to the island of hi-tech computer and "fuzzy logic", as was demonstrated in 2003 by the fact that the Department of Commerce United States not attach to USA / Cuba-Infomed a license to send 423 computers to hospitals and polyclinics, because "it would be detrimental to the interests of United States foreign policy." All this shows that an academic exchange with United States only cover Humanities with the total absence of phisica, mathematics, engineering and technology advanced by the way in the area America exported only to Canada or exchanged. Inclined to think the logic in the Russian scientists and academics who have no borders with its Cuban counterparts as has been demonstrated by the history of the Havana-Moscow relations.

The strategy of Cuba and the Caribbean is inclined to increase the academic and scientific exchange with Russia. Although the Russian tourism to Cuba has fallen by a dramatic eleven percent due to how expensive it is for Russians to travel to Cuba (the most preferred tourism for russians is to travel to Sarasota, Florida, because are cheaper for this group of caribbean's lovers), the information today in the Ria Novosti agency that Russia resume cooperation in nuclear energy with Cuba, makes clear that the Caribbean country's strategy is to rapidly increase the academic and scientific exchange with Russia, far above any academic exchanges with United States even with open-door policy that does not yet exist by the government of Obama.
? And what is the root of the problem?
1 .- The area only has in America, the United States, to technology transfer is Canada, and outside the area, with Japan and Germany, and Switzerland for the remainder becomes the Humanities and some other technology obsoleted that are permitted for scientists and academics Americans to transfer outside the country.
2 .- The Caribbean directly is benefit by the Cuban policy toward the area to grant caribbeans scholars in higher education institutions in Cuba.
3 .- Russia has shown over the last almost fifty years of having no protectionism policy in terms of technology transfer to Cuba and levels of data-exchange to scholars, scientists, research centers and universities.
4 .- The exchange with cuban universities does not go beyond certain humanities and social sciences, almost all the computers science to exchange tolerated to american scientists and academics or engineer are considered obsolete, "old fashion" or "garage sale" data inside the United States and therefore this is declassified , except for Canada in the area. In fact, the prospects for the Cuban American academic life is limited to aspects of social science problems that are totally inert without a link interdisciplinary with phisic, mathematic and natural sciences. Cuban scholars know the problem very well and therefore act accordingly. The same happens with the European Union.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.USA.

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