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The destiny of the culture in the trascendental personality based on psiquiatry of non-western phisicians.

My dear friend Dr. Jhon Money, "Jhons Hopsking", australian-american researcher was the father of the new western meaning ands underestainding about the relation mind - brain-culture identity, based on Danmark medical school 1956, was a fan of Pavlov all his life...
(Ref: "philias", KAPLAN)

Russian Uzbeks womans today. The field of work of Luria in 1930.
INTRODUCTION .- Images, songs and concepts in this personal blog may cause psychological reactions characteristic of the dominant stereotype in reference to a cultural identity or orientation tribal community, however, others who do not "freeze" as the personal computers found in this blog sources positive light, balance, peace and spiritual elevation creative as I relied on medical sources at international congresses of medicine and personal appreciation of world culture as well as my long experience as a science writer at the University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Caribbean area of responsibility to UNESCO*. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233, USA.
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Wilson Jay, Marino, 1946-
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Ensayos sobre la poesía de Víctor Villegas / Marino Wilson Jay, Gualterio Núñez Estrada.
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Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : Mediabyte, 2000.
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1.-The poems of Omar Kayyam and personality in the transcendental "carpe diem" in the West.
a)When I was talking wih United Nation ambassador from Sweden EMBASSADOR His Excellence Johan Grogh, introduced by our dear friend Wayne Smith in the Radisson Hotel of Miami in the 90's and letter I send a letter to him about cuban's humans rigth I explain to him that "here are more problem beetwen cuban communities than in Africa tribes" based on the problems of tribal community in Miami
and Havana are the same, the difference is in the gaps in education and culture. Too low in Miami, very high and sophisticated in Havana. The root of the problem among Cuban communities is not political, it is a problem of how to approach the education and culture* on both sides of the pond that separates us.
*In the Miami school system has a very low level in comparison to Cuba, even in schools for the rich, moreover, is so disorganized that my daughter did not graduate in the stated upper secondary, neither was took the book of post graduates because she suposed to fail in the final test, we, the parent, were reported later that everything had been "a computer mistake", something that never happens in the school system in Cuba where a secretary of the university poured eight years in prison for only trying to sell a title and a child of an intimate friend of foreign country President's personal friend of Fidel was launched by a teacher(very closet to me) of the Universidad de Oriente for not attending the classroom more than three times despite claims to the embassy and more... The school system in Miami is the fifth leg of the cat. Many transnational headquarters were out of Miami because the children of executives could not find where found adequated school education. Even a degree in Music at the University of Miami is the average media level in Cuba.(The rate of mentally ill of Miami is among the highest in the world and so much higher than in Cuba, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, in Cuba the rate it is one of the lowest of the planet.)
Ref:"Welcome to (Miami) Hell" a blog by Manolin, Cuban primary physician who is at the same time a renowned singer in Cuba, now living in Spain because he can support the "miamian african tribe problem" about we are talking.
If you read spanish or have a translator program click here and then you know wha I talking about:
b)Illusions in Havana to die of heartbreak in Miami.
For an intellectual educated in Cuba, living in Miami is to live like Jonas in the stomach of a whale.
When I talk about African problems in tribal communities in Cuba and in Havana I refer to my experience of intensive meetings in The Africa House in Santiago de Cuba with the sons of heads of state from countries of the Organization of African countries and from my experience attending delegations of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Countries in Santiago de Cuba due to my responsibility to Unesco Caribbean, that was before and shortly after leaving Cuba, even I had even a meeting during ten hours of all the factors with the Colombian government, including the Council of State, just missing the President, one day before leaving the country in Havana and a day after meeting with a Swiss diplomat, first days of january of 1996.
Reading the journal of the University of Havana edited by his department America, where I had been a student in 1971, I was excited to Miami and did not respond to a telegram from my German friend who lives in Hagge, the street bordering Belgium, a cousin of Lady Di, offering live in Germany. Also I had a letter signed by John Money accredited me at the bureau chief of United States interests in Havana, an invitation cup to his lab in Maryland.
After taking off the plane in Havana and saw that in Cancun took off the ladder and put the plane surrounded by cops at the door with his arms and legs on the cross, another police lacking for anyone to get out of the plane, everything went wrong on this, not as I thought, was my perception. But then my wife and my daughter and the entire passage from Cuba are usually dropped in Cancun, first I had traveled alone, why only in mi fly? I wondered what was the mystery of the Mexican authorities in the plane I was traveling, which was passengers should not be lowered and why? The truth is that I love Mexico and UNAM had been a government project, years ago, our interest to research on Heredia, the Cuban-Mexican poet with the poet and painter Efrain Nadereau Maceo, director of the home birthplace of Santiago de Cuba Heredia at that time give me the idea to fly to Mexico wih him.
When I go to Miami I am 47 years old in january of 1996 and I am full of energy but I was catalogued like a "old man"by the cuban miamiam community and they look a job for me in three day to "clean-up work at night in the building sciences at the University of Miami", picking up radioactive waste and biological agents and cleaning the chemistry lab that the students left dirty and disorganized under the auspices of their teachers, something that I never saw in the physical-chemical laboratories of the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.(You can never "paid" a university education anywhere, even if your a son of a rich or aristocraticrcy parents)
Everybody explain me in Miami that my credit does'nt work and more because I have a broken english but later a postgraduated master's student was invited by Miami University living in Italy to be lecturer in "spanish", they explain her that she don't need english to be hired. She is the daugther of cuban filmaker in ICAIC-Havana and she was surprise why they never acepted myself alleging brokeng english and referring me to a cleaning service with very low payment, no benefy, no union, no medical insurer and with a supervisor watching me with a infrarred camera in case I stop to cleaning take a picture as a probed a fired me, that happens every nigths, they take picure of the cleaning personal and fire if they take a break in eigth ours.Three months later, I quit.
The book "Hecha de Amor y Madera" by Victor Romero Laffita*, 1988, and prologued by me, was catalogued a that time by the University of Miami suposed to be responsable of the caribbean area with the University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba under the "umbrella" of Unesco-Caribbean in Paris.
*My friend Victor Romero Laffita, poet and art instructor in Venezuela remained to live in this country in the late 80's and is currently winner of Venezuelan Literature National Child Award. Has family living in Florida.
Ref: online catalogue, Universidad de Miami.
Richter 5th Flr Stacks
PQ7390.R6567 H42 1988
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114 p. : ill. ; 19 cm
Romero Laffita, Víctor, 1937-
Colección Heredia.
Colección Heredia. Poesía.
To avoid turning this blog into the "Wall of Lamentations of Judea" I will tell you that in 1996 I saw the historian of Guanabacoa, Havana, (very close to my old friend Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler) and former City Mayor, sleeping in the streets upon his arrival from Cuba, he was 85 years old, during weeks,next to the Win Dixie supermarket in front of where the dogs runs and there are a fleamarket it is in the nearest point to Miami airport and a phisicians of sixty years old, a very known professor of medicine at the University of Havana, recently arrived from Cuba, a that time, was selling newspapers on the street 8 every day to survive, and not passing anything...
In the other hand I receipt severals letter from Jhon Money's Maryland office requiring me to travel to the lab as soon as possible , but, the last one bring a new problem, this time very personal, they discover in him a prostata cancer...
As I had been a famous writer of radio and tv in Cuba when I was young and immature(marry with my first wifew, I have been four), to cap it all, "La Politic Comedy",("La politica Comica" in spanish) a Miami newspaper, which published that "Fidel Castro himself had commissioned me to write my tv and radio serials, articles and reportage in the ICRT-Radio Rebelde in Havana." Perhaps because I have been, "a placet", the tribute they gaved me the ambassadorand all the diplomats and his wifes of North Korea as a cuban writer ICRT at the embassy in Havana when Kim Il Sung was alive or by the fact that once Fidel was surprisingly approached two meters from the place where I was sitting in a public park, one time but I never met with Fidel, never, and I always evaded any kind of communication with him even complained by his staff because his son, Fidelito, my scholarship in Miramar when we were teenagers,very early, I had been warned for him in Miramar living in neigthboring houses, where we were fellow in the secondary school that "never ever be closer to his father Fidel" because he is very strictly, as the Galician in Cuba with the creole, so very strictly. I knew everything because I had a stepfaher born in Galicia and my grandfather, of Navarre, son of an Alferez of the Almirant Cervera care about me as a cadet of a naval base when I was a child.
Whole life I've looked far speaks, reads and what recommends Fidel, even in his inner circle, I have always been aware of everything it does, but I have always been far away from him by the recommendation of his own first son. That exile of Miami worried about my relationship with Fidel can sleep confident. Fidelito his son and I were companions and later always friends at a distance so discret that the father could never complain. Fidel does not like people unformal and undisciplined like me and the truth is that I always was the black sheep of the family in that direction, never disciplined in the school and university, always in the "carpe diem" of holidays, nice trips and girls, flyng Havana-Santiago and hostest in the "National Hotel", it was my very happy life as a youth writer and so much I have a fun life, later as weeding and portrait photografer in Cuba, but I recognized that it was a big mistake not to take opportunity to have a better education like Fidelito is actually a Phd in Science or my other friend Eusebio Leal.It was my choice and my mistake. Fidel is rigth in the youth education it does no matter why and what you think or feel about him.
The psychological problem of stereotypes.
After five years in Miami as Jonas suffering, my daughter went to live in Sarasota, Florida and we went with our granddaughter. My compatriots in Miami, left and right, they said that Americans lived on another planet, that Sarasota, Florida was a little very uneducated farm full of "Guajiros yankees" very boring, where cows grazed only in the street ...
But never I believed them because I was educated inside a family that was very closed to Dr.Walter Reed in Cuba and by honoring this american phisician is my name in spanish.
And proved to be quite the opposite, Cubans live happily here and protected between Anglos and white blond.
The beaches in Sarasota are tweenty times better than in Miami and so hot, clear and beatiful as Guanabo, Havana were we owned a house for years in front of the sea.
I considered The City Mayor of Sarasota, police and fire dpt. one of the best of the world about caring the enviroment, communal service and waste managing, they can teach very easy about how to managing a City all the mayors of Miami and Cuba togethers.
I think that is really pathetic that to live in Miami is more difficult than living in Havana with the only difference being a bit more food with high cholesterol and without adequate health care or any one, except when cubans visiting Cuba met for free phisicians and dentist in hospitals and buy medicines for pennies. However, Miami is in fact a province of Cuba in United States, "a cuban planet", and virtually everything in Miami is governed in one way or another by the "spirit" of Havana, everywhere you go in the city, inside every groups of cubans, americans and latinoamerican it does not matter what they think or if they never visited the island, the communication with Havana is 24 hours a day, you never know...
I like a good Roman Catholic I have always thought that God or Allah knows your plan, as he is called by my dear friend the President of Iran, a renowned university professor and hero of the Iranian revolution, I think that all suffering comes wisdom of Allah (Good) and it was my stay in Miami, disobeying an order not to leave Cuba to United States (to stop my fly based on the my interest motivated by Havana University magazine America)by my teacher,friend and family of one of my four wives, the head of the America Department at the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
A the end, I discovered the treasure of Miami: Cuban doctors, they think and behave exactly like island educated cubans doctors and even when children have left Cuba and have never visited the island.
Then, Miami for me now was a "field work" of five years like journalist and writer very rich to research about sociology and caribbean culture identity thanks to "lived inside and involved like Emil Zola, he naturalist french writer*"the internal problem of the cuban comunity because this doctors, like in the island, are very linked with dominican and colombian and american phisician in the interchanged of information and medical data based on a net of universities with mains universities in Spain, like Salamanca for one example.*
This method employed by Émile Zola, was normal inside the ICRT, Havana with its staff writers like me when we presenting a draft serial sent us for a time to live in the real scenario of the events with expenses paid and then brought the project for TV serial or a radio address. The first was a field which, as a writer I was accustomed to Cuba. The rule was to live unnoticed as a site for to get most of the energy environment of the novel or the play.
Respecting cultural biodiversity, the first rule.
Maybe because as a child I was raised by master masons who were guided by the rite of England, even when they ate was holding the knife and fork like the Londoners who had visited home in Santiago de Cuba, from time to time, always respecting the rules of tribe and between cultures. That, plus ICRT's education and courses at the University of Havana, but everything else at the University of East, based on Miamiam Odsisea I was allowed more light on the thesis of Caribbean cultural identity based on Jhon Money (Kinsey) in the book on Victor Villegas that Marino wrote and myself with the help of Joel James (Casa del Caribe) and Dr. Josefina Bestard Phd. discoverered of the cure of ezquizofrenia. All this experience has allowed me to continue these investigations with reference to Don Quixote, where Freud and Jung are predetermined in the semantic field by Ullman School in linguistic.
I remembered when I was teen accidentally visit the home of the ambassador of Mongolia* in Miramar and the ambassador brake with his hands to the midled a cucumber, he began to eat and told me in Russian to do the same, I did, then we communicate in Russian until we said goodbye . I have never known what that this means in Mongolia,the cucumber, but I respect,anyway, the culture of Mongolia and Mongolian ambassador that was all joy and laughter when I went back to the student home near Fidelito home.
*Years later, being a writer and correspondent for "Radio Rebelde", I remember passing a horrible penalty when a party secretary stand before a crowd of government, ambassadors and a Party delegation from Mongolia speak to introduce them as "a delegation of fellow Mongoloides"
These new moral values that gives us the scientific theory of knowledge sheds more light on the problem of the class from Marx. We believed that an analysis of Party in Miami on the problem must be considered from:
Jose Marti's contribution to the theory of Marx on class struggle in this nature of own working class and peasants in the American people for first time in the history of humanity, and in that sense, have no illusions, nor sociological stereotypes, nor parentage, nor lags feudal class itself. This demonstrates the two major communist parties across America and more influential in the world: the American and Mexican Communist Parties.
Forgive me my friends in the central committee of the communist parties of Switzerland and Sweden with whom I have always disagreed on the issue of working class in America, I would target mainly because my education in the Communist Party of Viet Nam, the most glory and scientific in ideology and education.
The first to see, hear and appreciate the new class: United States people was Mao Tse Tung, the ligth that always guided the Ho Chi Ming and Kim Il Sung ideas to develop their own thesis.
Critics of Jose Marti to the methods of struggle of the German working class in New York sets the parameters of the true nature of the class.
From what I have seen, the intellectuals and the Communist Party of Egypt and Israel with whom I had contacts are clear in this problem of class, they don't see mirages in the desert, nor in my contacts with intellectuals and members of London Communist Party that is the reference of the American Communist Party.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.
(will continue soon...)
2.-The problem of the "having /not having ilussion" in the western world primarily attacks men, not women.
Ref: Jhon Money-Luria based on "The Windom Paradox" by Elkhonon Golberg, Ph.D. ISBN 1-592-40187-2.
3.-The "culture shock" between East and West based on /inside this mind-brain- cultural identity relation.
4.-"The term" paint and cornet "(Pintura y corneta)in Cuban Spanish vocabulary involves the russian classification of Luria in 1930.
5.-The Russian theory of logical errors and method in education.
6.-Stalin repressed Luria in 1930, but won the war against Nazi Reich applying this scientific theory on the psychology of cultural identity.
7.-Miami is a province of Cuba in the United States of America from the viewpoint of modern psychiatry.
( will continue...)

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