Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cuba next move in the chess game. PM Zapatero, Spain.

MADRID – Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said in an interview published Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama “has taken positive measures” regarding his “problem” with Cuba and that now it’s Havana’s “turn to make a move.”“Now the Cuban government has to make reforms and, in my opinion, they must start with the economic and social,” Zapatero told the Spanish daily "Publico".The U.S. president “wants to resolve the problem, put an end to the isolation. He’s taken positive measures regarding travel, dialogue,” all of which coincides “with the process opened up by the European Union,” Zapatero said.“It’s time (for Havana) to make a move. We have to have that expectation. The United States seems committed,” Zapatero said in response to a question about whether now it was not Cuba’s turn to make the next move.
(Note of the blogger:I think it is not a bad idea, before taking any step discussed internally with the Spanish government under the terms of which to enroll in the dialogue between United States and Cuba and the real possibilities within the island of Cuba. At this time no matter the ideological differences, but the points of agreement to address an economic crisis and climate that would involve more active participation of the United States in cooperation with the economies of the Caribbean and Cuba. Would be good to hear the views of Spanish before moving a tab, Zapatero is a stable and well-intentioned. We also have to think that any initiative to cancel Obama intention toward Cuba, with assistance from Spain to Cuba, will press more and more White House-under strong internal domestic and international pressure, rigth now, that will move to the U.S. President to the "center" which would be disastrous politically for the North-South cooperation is highly necessary and would block many Canadian efforts in this regard. We must give a pragmatic vote of confidence in Obama, not lose anything in Cuba to "take action" in this sense, I considered. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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