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"Critica", Buenos Aires, Argentina with Silvio Rodriguez.

For the first time after its stake in the Obama administration, Silvio Rodriguez spoke exclusively with Critique of Argentina "Cuba is not only what he has chosen, so that could" From Hilda Molina until their new album, the musician, who became "almost mandatory" on the radios of the island and is not released today, talks about the most controversial issues. The disappointment of the young and the necessary changes in the regime of Fidel.
Bruno Bimbi

As a child I wanted to be an astronomer or astronaut, but his songs led him to be the musician most identified in the world with the Cuban Revolution. In 1978, Silvio Rodriguez first went to United States to act together with musician Pete Seeger. This May 5, Seeger met ninety-Rodriguez was invited to attend the celebration, but the U.S. government refused to grant him a visa and was unable to travel. While finished recording his new album, the musician agreed to talk with Critique of Argentina on this and other topics.

- What happened?

-I was invited by the family of a tribute to Seeger. We ask a special visa to United States gives to cultural events, but never. If, instead of requesting a visa, had been thrown into the sea on a raft, you have left to go in? Not only have let me go, I have exhibited as a trophy! - How does the immigration system for Cubans? -According to the "Cuban Adjustment Act, illegal Cuban migrants intercepted at sea are returned to Cuba, but those who manage to step on land purchased the right to residence. We are the only country to which this Act applies to it. It is a macabre that has cost the lives of many.

- And to Cubans wanting to leave Cuba, leaving?

-To leave or enter, you need a special permit from the government. It is a measure that was taken at the beginning of the Revolution, such as border control. In my opinion it is outdated, much damage to Cuba and should be eliminated.

- Why Hilda Molina can not travel to Buenos Aires?

I do not know. If it were up to me, where does a lot to be desired.

Obama, speaking of a dialogue with Cuba. Do you think that is possible?

I know of the arrangement of the dialogue and the Cuban government reportedly conciliatory statements from Obama. If there was a dialogue should be respectful and equal. Cuba is a symbol of dignity and Latin America is doing to see United States disagreed with the lock.

- What are the consequences of the blockade?

-The strangling of trade and economy, the loss of billions of dollars, not being able to make transactions with banks that have relationships with United States. We are denied access to credit and technology. We can not buy medical equipment, computers and even microphones. We cleared up the maps of the airlines. This hostility takes half century and still say they do to help the people.

- What if Obama lifted the blockade?

-Cuba is not only what you have chosen, which has also been with the enmity of a large external power nearby. But there is a point where we agree: Cuba must change, evolve. It says the leadership of the Revolution, says Obama, says the people and the opposition. The only thing that will change quickly is the unconditional lifting of the blockade. What happens is that the Cubans deserve to be like us and because we do not dictate.

-United States talks of "democratic" Cuba. Would it be more democratic with other parties?

Democracy is government of the people, but a multi that does not guarantee per se the people govern. For examples of countries with several parties and none to defend the reasons popular, those committed to political oligarchies. How democracy is identified with the defense of the interests of the rich? The poor into believing that one day will be rich. What is needed is more willingness to do justice.

"I saw more opposition and complaints among young people. The largest appeared to be more identified with the Revolution. Is that correct?

The call-trastrueque reactionary to the progressive left and right began in the Solidarity trade union and perestroika, the collapse of the Berlin Wall as canonized. That is what the consortium ideological capitalist West and spits satellite mitifica as "politically correct". The liberation movements are now "terrorists" and shot down a commercial aircraft that are "anti-combatants." For the young people came a time when some were beginning to change sides. Winners renamed the world through their media. There are many young people who believe in the fundamentals and know that revolutionary socialism is more fair. But the world is different from the young people who started the Revolution. Let's talk about internet: you can not say that because there is poor against the government pages. Other socialism learned that the self is a false remedy for the failure. It is uneven, Cuba should take the confrontation. Signs that people rent and watch the satellite channels. Face that realistically we can prepare for when there is no blockade. If the policy for access to information is accurate, young people are proud of their country.

-A Cuban who lives in Buenos Aires told me that it recognized the achievements, but only stifled the speech: "I put the television and Fidel. And on the radio, Silvio enough. " What would you answer?

Their words-led Cuba last one. Some time that Fidel is pronounced only in writing. In the 80s, said: "Silvio was first banned and is now mandatory." But today I made recently. I am not complaining, I prefer to be banned: we want more.

In downtown Havana saw a Gigantografías the number of children who die every year from malnutrition in the world, and said: "None is Cuban." Do you think most young people know that things are different out?

José Ingenieros wrote a century ago: "Young is the one that has no complicity with the past." It is natural to require that young people from what they have. And it is a duty of society to tell future generations the history and tell the world how it is.

You started with just 14 years military in literacy campaigns. How was that?

Make-men in the extraordinary circumstances of the Revolution was a great opportunity to have an interesting youth. Where else could be part of a generation who postponed his studies to alphabetize? The time I spent with the fishermen of the Cuban fishing fleet and the two times I went to Angola during the war were also very special experience.

You are logged in the world as the musician of the Revolution. Is it not a burden, sometimes?

It is a burden if I attack the vanity and I am biting the snake petty believe me beyond everything. But more often than not, and although hurt, I assume that my karma is the interrogation policy. The minstrel that I have been feeling jealous of that I will be interviewed and perhaps that's why I compose less.

- How did you know Fidel?

-I heard about him for the first time in 1953, when assaulted the Moncada barracks in front of peers. I met him in 1984, after the first trip we made to Argentina. - And how is beyond the character? It is a very friendly man, although I am always impressed me. That is why I have been sparing in his presence. The last time I saw him, I touched his forehead and said: "How I would like to know what is happening there." Such term does not let me tongue. I've always seen as the historical figure he is and on the few occasions they came near, I failed to ignore its significance. Maybe that's why I have lost so much.

- How are the economy and wages in Cuba, after the "special period"?

-Improved transport, almost no blackouts occur, there are more television channels, but the three hurricanes last year we did much damage. Wages are low and do not reach, but the salary must add the total charge of health and education, and almost gift culture, books, sports. All families are given at very low prices, a portion of the basket. However, we should review measures that were good and today they are inadequate, considering the poor we are and what we are limited.

- What is the boundary between enable greater private initiative and risk returning to an unequal and unjust society?

That question is for God. Some Socialists are rotting just looking for that boundary. I believe that the prospect not to be missed is that the government is next to the most needy.

-You must generate a lot of money with their songs. What is for you and how much is for the state?

I started without knowing that he could win money in a concert. The best that I paid in the years of greatest growth was in Chile with Irakere in 1990. An amount that was not seen in a dream or with Chucho Valdes and decided to build a recording studio, which were needed in Cuba. The music is a popular business over the top and you can win a lot. But for years I just toured for three commercial and not a disc bag. I never received large settlements.

- When he realized that music and poetry would be his life?

In my youth I was interested in being a comic illustrator, but my friends and my family made me see that what could be comprised of interest. One day, when I was about to leave the military service, I met Mario Romeu, a Cuban musician who took me to the television.

- Do you remember what your first song and his first guitar?

My first song was a cappella and was called "Rock of the ghosts." The first guitar I had at hand was that of Lazarus Fundora, a coworker, when I was fifteen years.

- What were the musicians who most influenced you?

For my family-mother, singer of traditional songs, I heard from the cradle to Sindo Garay, Manuel Corona, Miguel Matamoros. In the fifties, Elvis Presley sounded much in Havana, although I prefer the ballads of Johnny Mathis. In my teens I remember the group The Astros Raul Gomez The quartet Meme Solis, Danny Puga, Luisito Bravo. From Argentina to Los Cinco Latinos, and Europe, with Charles Aznavour. But I think what influenced me most is classical music. Since childhood, is what I hear most.

- Why is defined as a minstrel, and not as a musician or singer?

Trova-sung is the music that first came to me, made by the authors related to how to understand the song I had, not to neglect the literary. Also named for a preferred rate of class in the sixties, the troubadours were the most devoted musicians and worst paid.

-Forty years after the New Trova, is there a "new" couple songs in Cuba?

-Every time you find out, discover new people and valuable. The Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, La Habana Vieja, a court has given them to sing and have recorded their concerts. His collection of records "A clean guitar is an essential document for how to think and Cuban trova singer today.

- Do you like Celia Cruz?

No Cuban-hearing who has not listened with admiration.

You wrote several songs Che. What you like most?

The first I made: "The era is giving birth to a heart".

In "The kingdom still" sings "no one knows what is communism.

" What is communism? I believe that communism is the desire to build a better world for the majority that led the weight of societies. I suppose, once in paradise, will be re-because, as our actions circumstantial or inconsistency of human nature, life tends to pull forward

- Are you recording a new album?

Yes, it's called Second appointment. What I made for acoustic trio. So part three great jazz musicians: Roberto Carcassés on piano, Feliciano Arango on bass and Oliver Valdés on drums. Niurka González brings flute and clarinet. We also invite some metals and carries the title track ropes. There is a "Letter to Violeta Parra," a song inspired by a story that made me García Márquez and another dedicated to Charles Lloyd. In the latter plays the saxophone José Carlos Acosta, who makes one brief but impressive. Several texts deal with the concerns of Cuba today. In principle, I included a song based on a poem by Victor Heredia beautiful, but now I'm saving it for a future work with other authors.

-At the beginning of the Revolution, there was persecution against homosexuals. Why was that while it intended to precisely stop the oppression?

By ignorance, sexism, prejudices inherited. It is easier to change a political system that an ancient culture. Must occur much humanistic education and succeeding generations to be diluted so encrusted dirt. With the racial issue happens like that.

- What are your views on the proposal for Mariela Castro to legalize gay marriage in Cuba?

-I believe correctly. Done.

You, who has put so many songs so many just causes, one would write for gays and lesbians fighting discrimination?

-Maybe some day get there. I wrote two songs about homosexuality, but not satisfied with any. He also composed "The sun does not drink, but that was not motivation that has been interpreted that way. Knowing this, sometimes I have to ambiguity. I think not treason, it caused a love which, like some homosexuals had to hide to be done.

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