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Caribbean countries can be a Frankestein for foreing inversionist after or before the next hurrican season 2009.

Commentary by the blogger:

My conclusion and my personal recommendation for Caribbean's elites responsible for the dilemma of the state, the nation and the growing impact of the global economy and climate change in our poor and small countries is to develop a culture of life consistent with our socio-economic realities, interests and Caribbean cultural identity in terms of prevention of nature protection, health, education and social security. Just a physician in position of head of state in Cuba, Che( Dr Guevara M.D. founder of the Cuban Healh Universal System free for everybody), saw it as a very clear the problem of personality and behavior, the culture of life adapted to the country enviroment, when installed in his home, inside his family, on a personal level, lifestyle and work as opposed to the commonly accepted by Latin American elites that imitate patron of life of rich countries elites like monkeys as so with so many caribbeans "intelectuals" under the umbrella of his work that cause the laughing stock of European and American left and a tee-a-tete "very hot" in so many diplomatic misions in the caribbean where the poverty some times is worst than to have to live inside the garbish or in a house where raining more inside than outside without any solution. Precisely this is the first suspicion of a wealthy investor or exporter to invest in the Caribbean, irresponsible lifestyle in the elites, the model of life that does not educate anyone and they having in a secret intimity some elite in the Caribbean whom the celebrated physician, Dr. Guevara , still remains a disturbing example of modesty, simplicity and adnegacion to work even as they spend their lives breaking their own clothes in her name(alway quoted only as "guerrilla" leader) to hide their mistakes based on the personality cult, a remaining in the brain of the time of slavery. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

When I have been talking with inversions businessmen or exporter to the Caribbeans area while I was living in Cuba or Miami they taked in account issues were we are very flak in the Caribbeans area based on 70% of undeveloped and marginal psychology derived from slavery and 5% exploitation, lack of same opportunities for everybody and "malinchism" to foreign power, technology, personality and 25% the "ukases" of the rich countries over the poor in almost everything they want to be "our behavior" or the way of think to them.

But, for inversion is like exporter from rich countries as individuals human being, even bankers, they don't care how you are or what you think, neither which language you speak, they have some guidelines to val orate the risk to be "open to the business" in the Caribbeans area and they told me this:

a) How so far corrupted is the court system and the background of the attorney of the law(generally the Army and the police of the small Caribbeans country misled supporting "really" the legal system inside the bureaucracy of the government)

b) If the business related countries in the area have a court's deals and interchanged of information.

c)The culture of life in the energy policy in each of the the state officers and the population.(sociological behavior,communal service, ergonometry, no smoking policy, police dept and health system physician's net prevention, social security...)

d)Educational board that can afford main office of transnational.

e)Political balance based on responsibly leadership that can afford recognition even if you are and small and poor countries with so many black Africans descendant.

So far, in that star where looked Dante Alighieri, time to time, while was writing "Inferno", you, maybe can afford some inversions or exporter that want to be landing in your country if you "landed" and your official before him tray to landed and you must be sure that he know that, that you and your friend had have been "landed" in the "real" Caribbeans country,no in that one that many people think they are until they are hungry and doesn't no have nothing o eat or sick and doesn't have hospital affordable, neither a house when they are going to sleep under a roof.

Even if we can be landing in our Caribbeans country surrounded of marginal problems, the, listen o his information in the "Investors Business Daily", something that can convert us in a Frankenstein for foreign exporter or and inversions this hurricane season if we not take measure at all level as soon as possible and quickly, like government, officer and normal citizen in the Caribbeans:

"IBD: Do you think buy-and-hold investing is dead? Why?

Maierhofer: Yes, it is. More recently, investing has become more like navigating a stick shift through a crowded city with one-way streets. A multidecade bubble has been punctured — what we've seen thus far is only the beginning. A balloon that has been punctured does not deflate in an orderly way.
Japan's fate serves as our window into the future. The Nikkei topped at nearly 40,000 in 1989. Dozens of stimulus packages and bailouts did not help the economy. The Nikkei traded below 8,000 just a few months ago — that's an 80% drop.
How do you think buy-and-hold investors did?
Avg. Rating:

Your Rating: "

As we see later, in his blog, it is not a time for the elite of our bureaucracy o have a month with the wife and he children in a five tsars hotel in Peking or Paris, or to spending money o go to Busch Garden or Disney world for a week, it is a time for everybody to watched what would happen in our Caribbeans small and poor countries with "landing behavior for everybody", no only for the Indians of the tribe not member of privileged families.
It is a very serious warning or we can face social and political problems in the next future if we take in account that the small Sarasota County, even in " a very relative" economy crisis, have a lot of more resource and the latest technologist of every kind and sources that all the Caribbeans island of Cuba,The Mayor of Antilles.
We faced more problem, protectionism from rich countries, food price, energy price, flu pandemic and the climatic change rigth now in the Caribbeans from Puerto Rico-Cuba to Texas before the hurricanes season. We still talk about with more reference and then you weak up, disconnected the automatic pilot and take control of the plane to landing in the real country that you are, not in that country in your dreams... so easy to be in the midled of the storm like a paper boat.
If the Caribbeans leadership and intellectual elites want to know what would happens in our small countries in he close next future as the LPK leader Ellie Domota what happen recently in Martinique, Guadaloupe and Reunion in better condition that we are facing rigth now... ask the "BBC"
BBC Mundo - Ciencia y Tecnología - Europa del Este, primera en suicidios *
Europa del Este encabeza esa lista negra a nivel mundial, aunque otras naciones ricas también muestran índices preocupantes.. Accesibilidad Última actualización: martes, 19 de mayo de 2009 -

"Guyana*, French Caribbean has one of the highest suicide rate in the world and that all doctors know that 90 percent of cases or more are, really, mental illnesses* non identified (1)by primary physicians of these patients, I mean, if ... they have the caring from a family doctor, those, the patients who committed suicide in Guyana. Source: BBC World."
*Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2005) 11: 84-91© 2005 The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Suicide risk: structured professional judgement Joe Bouch and John James Marshall
Ref:Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2005) 11: 84-91© 2005 The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Suicide risk: structured professional judgement Joe Bouch and John James Marshall Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2005) 11: 84-91http://apt.rcpsych.org/cgi/search?fulltext=suicide&submit=yes&x=14&y=17
Full Text
Full Text (PDF) (Free)

(1)That's way my friend Dr. Jhon Money+(Australian born and educated american scientific that follow Danmark School of Medicine whos works were inside my thesis about caribbean identity psychology inside the literature of Victor Villegas, dominican poet, ref:
Ensayos Sobre LA Poesia De Victor Villegas,
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Spanish: Adult Nonfiction
) send to me by DHL from his Maryland office, where I was living in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, his book "Love'sMap" *where he tryng to training every primary phisician in the classification of "philias"(See: Jhon Money, "Kaplan") with more recurrence in male than female(so many time unbalanced only under the strees of
the male couple or male enviroment. Ref: Germany under the Third Reich and women rol in the Reich
Die Frauen Der Nazis 2by Anna Maria SigmundISBN13: 9783800037773 ISBN10: 3800037777 , english and spanish translation. and another source:
Deutschland ohne Juden.
By statement:
Bernt Engelmann ; translated by D.J. Beer. --
380 p. ; 18 cm. --
ISBN 10:
85107925 translated to english
) based on his thesis about -derivation of sex role in young male inmates, 1956-, but, until now, this book is not a source for every primary M.D in the school...(There are in the phisician world, even in Cuba, the idea of Jhon Money's literature-Ref:Sexofia:Congress of Israel, 1971, Jhon Money lectured: sex offender- target only "sexologist specialist"!?, but really,it is inside every phisican and social science culture in my consideration.It follows that the behavior of adolescent boys must be monitored by the school, community, parents and doctors until the education of their personalities as adults balanced. Note of the blogger.)
*Lovemaps: Clinical Concepts of Sexual/erotic Health and Pathology, Paraphilia, and Gender Transposition of Childhood, Adolescence, and Maturity
By John Money
Edition: illustrated
Published by Irvington, 1986
ISBN 0829015892, 9780829015898
331 pages----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

...or ask the journalist of radio and the newspaper "Caribe creole one", or "http://www.radiocaraibes.com/
A sample of problem in the court of Guadaloupe ( The news now target Guadaloupe , but, "de facto" is a general problem in the caribbean courts...to be oriented by politicians more than the constitution or "habeas corpus" doctrine based on a weak police and army not in support of the legal system, it does no matter under Napoleon Code or British) we can found in this declaration of the lawyers in that french Caribbeans territory, you can click here an read in french, Spanish or English this declaration about the "ius gentis" in that place, here the lawyers open declaration:http://www.caribcreole1.com/news/guadeloupe/1,1285,19-05-2009-justice-les-avocats-se-mobilisent-.html
The other problem we are facing in the Caribbeans, a very big one is the new tactic of "protectionism" in the global market that include "fictitious business ring and regulation" that undercover exploitation of our richest sources:
1. Protectionism Spreads Globally Via Subsidies And Health Rules
5/18/2009: Global protectionism is on the upswing, but it hasn't reached the point of derailing an expected economic recovery. Yet. Some moves by the Obama administration — such as auto industry subsidies a...

"Protectionism will intensify in covert ways, says Elizabeth Stephens, head of risk analysis at London-based insurance broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson.
"Protectionism takes many forms," she said. "It's not just tariffs and imports and exports. It's about bailouts and nationalizations, subsidies and other things."
Few governments these days practice blatant protectionism, says Yasheng Huang, an associate professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management.
Aside from old-style protectionism such as raising import tariffs, countries are using subsidies, licensing requirements, health and safety regulations and anti-dumping investigations to support domestic in dustries, says Serhan Cevik, an analyst at Nomura.
Europe has opened several anti-dumping cases against Chinese in dustries, including candle makers.
In 2008, new anti-dumping investigations rose 31% from a year earlier, the WTO says.
"At this stage, protectionism is a backlash to, not a cause of, the decline in international trade flow," said Nomura's Cevik.
William Cline, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International."

"Investor's business Daily", click here:http://www.investors.com/Search/SearchResults.aspx?Ntt=Protecionism+spread+globally
If Dante Alighieri could be alive today, living in a Caribbeans presidential cabinet atmosphere I am sure his work about "inferno" would included the imported food price, specially for ours poor and small economies. They are so highest for small people like us facing worst situation ten or twenty time more than any of the poorest in a rich country that always, almost ever, has a "lifesaver" from the Titanic first class.
Food crisis hits developing world farms .BBC NWS:
Click here:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7905312.stm
"Food drop the price, but still there are a crisis for people with non professional jobs or living in DEVELOPING COUNTRIES like we are in the caribbean sea."
BBC NEWS, click here:
"The most intense phase of the crisis may have passed.
But add in the financial crisis and the economic damage that is doing to the developing world and you still have a difficult problem."

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