Sunday, May 24, 2009

Falco Sparverius in Maisi, Guantanamo, Cuba.

Reading the information about to control rodents, by Tel Aviv University, with birds I remembered the farmer of Maisi, Guantanamo, Cuba used to have domesticated birds freely flyng inside and ouside the home that control rats and insects very easy and clean for free, living most of the time in the family house or the garden,by this way the cuban farmer of Maisi-Gran Tierra skipt to use chemical producs very expensive and polutant mostly for womans skin, children and farm animals, the same way housewife there used to cook meals with organic specie without glutamate and inorganic colorant . Way no to have enviroment in the cities for this birds if we know the very expensive and polutant the insecticide is. more for a poor and small country?
We oncly need to take action inside ours universities and City Mayors.
Gualterio Nunez Esrada, Sarasota, Florida,34233.

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