Saturday, May 16, 2009

Benedicto XVI has opened the door of love in Gaza.

Thanks to Benedicto XVI pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the Almighty wanted back in his home, where everything he sees and he deems it even reaches me to see alife as it opens the door to peace in the heaven for Israel and his Palestinian relatives. Shortly after leaving Cuba to Miami in 1996, I never forget when the UN Ambassador his Excellence JOHAN GROTH handbag, smiling, a United Nation credit card and he pay my acreditacion to a conference on human rights in Cuba sponsored by the UN Secretary-General accrediting me as reporter by the University de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba when I worked for Unesco-Caribbean, before,in order to pay report, by the way he invited me to a privated lunch with him at the Radisson Hotel Miami the next day. But I could never fulfill my promise, I wake up the following day at three in the afternoon because I ended exhausted after eight hours of dawn to clean the building sciences at the University of Miami, where I even had to choose high biological waste hazard. I decided to write to him a report based on the nature of low-intensity conflict of the Washington-Havana relations, then, I try to see Groth, again, personally, but a cloud of activists of the courtyard was carried him as a tropheus across the city of Miami. I wanted to talk with him, too, about the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israel jails filthy that have no lawyers and never had rotted trial,(about over 11,000, rigth now), I wanted to talk about how many of them were minors, but I never could, and I regret that since the Swedish diplomat inspired me security and trust. Today, it appears that no longer requires special rapporteurs in Gaza and that everything will settle in holy peace in the heaven under Israel and Palestina can wacht he sun and the sarts every day, men like Johan Groth, honest and human, today, seem to listen and understand a language of love in a region full of uncertainty, fear and war based on dispariedad, poverty and mutual distrust, more than religion.

When I was a young writer, for more than 30 years ago, in Havana,I lost interest in chess because of having to use my free time by moral obligation, to calculate the attacks of Israel on the Palestinian territories.

Since about 1971, when he was a writer of ICRT Cuba("Radio Rebelde" in Havana, when I get off the bus in front of the Miramar embassy in Egypt, was practically assaulted by Palestinian girls between twelve and 17 years of age who have asked me anxiously in the face when and in that time Israel would attack their settlements again. I remember when I gave the date and time of the next attack, and the approximate position, jumped with fright, dismay and disappeared into exodus. Girls who were not fired Then, puzzled, walked up to the Dutch ambassador's residence in Miramar in Havana, greeted the custodian who knew me and continued to house my friend Pablo Armando Fernandez who told me almost every days severals fragments of "gengi Monogatari," a book based on "ninjitsu" philosofy since he point of view of a japanese woman writer much more deeply and before Marcel Proust, very "ligth lierature"if you compared wih the japanesse a cenury before or more than Proust,that book he had given to him by his closed friend the ambassador of Japan in Havana. Paulo Pozo was next to me, the young editor of Ivan Sholzenitzin in Cuba, (He had published "A Day of Ivan Denisovich" which sold like hotcakes in the capital of Cuba ...) So you I lost the love of chess, when I had to use my free time, by the urgency of data from the Palestinian teenagers, as a writer and correspondent, in calculating the Israeli army attacks to Palestinian Territory with date, time and place that almost were always consistent. A thousand miles from Israel in Havana, no computers, no international television at that time.
A major effort I need to do, because the phisicians in Cuba had warned me, before my trip to Miami, that I could not work overnigth, and specifically from my early ours outside Cuba the only work for me was in Miami overnigth positions even I aplied hundreds of companies and restaurants in the little Havana with my wife during still I picked up garbish in Miami University science building,then, almost tired all the time I travel with a Cuban delegation to the United States Congress offcially invited to deal with the sale of food and medicines to my homeland caribbean island, there, to the chagrin of my traveling companions, I broked the protocol and speak directly about the Havana-Washington diplomatic relations in the meeting with the Congresists. I met apart with Bill Richardson, Secretary of the Clinton administration and New York Congressist Jose E. Serrano, together were listening to me for nearly an hour stick my allegations, however, I felt, later, that there are no solution to many problems in the world worst than that one that we already saw coming in 1997, the subject of Cuba was totally irrelevant compared to palestine, faming in North Korea or Refugge in Africa, in Cuba no one dies of hunger, no one needed a school, a hospital, a humble meal, nobody dies or anemia, or starvation, you never found a homeless or a drug gangs, nobody is kidnaped,we have no asalt with heavy weapons or serial killer, no children is touched for anybody in the street, they go walking by himself from home to school completly safe in any town or cities. Then I said: "These is wasting time." There are international issues of greatest importance for discussion in the U.S. Congress more than Cuba.

Iam surprise how it comes Ba Ki Mon, The General Secretary of United Nation don't know nothing about what happen with palestinian, a problem that I was concerned with so many testimonies of arabs, PALESTINIANS AND SAHARAUIES students when I was responsable of UNESCO-caribbean area in the University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, EVEN UNTIL 1996 WHEN THEY VISITED MY HOUSE TO REFFER TO ME WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SAHARA AND PALESTINE, ALMOST EVERY DAY...
In Miami, shortly after the meeting I returned to the Swedish diplomat I was accredited to the International Conference of food and while conversing with the Secretary of Agriculture of Washington on the impact of pollution in food, in the event, a woman that was responsible ordered to me that my daughter must leave the premises because was fifteen years old then she was a minor. I continued talking with the friendly Secretary of Agriculture but was burning in my mind that green tea boiled with sugar for palestinians with the black Cuban sugar was, so many times, the only way to alleviate hunger in the territories occupied by Israel.

Even, sometimes, bleeding had to be contained, in emergency, with food wrapping paper brown and sugar black Cuban because the Palestinians there were not even bands surgeries. Iraqi doctors, Egyptians, Palestinians, Americans, ausralians and saharuies who have been in the field are well aware that I am talking about. Why not have this problem, the UN Secretary General Ba Kin Mon, what are the reasons behind this problem within the UN, its Security Council and the general who commands the peacekeepers?

The same happened to the children and elders from North Korea during a famine years ago, and USA TODAY report with PHOTOS: AFP, due to an international food embargo against North Korea as a communist country, who responded therefore, unacceptable and immoral for any Roman Catholic and anyone with humanistic education grecolatine while even not believing in God?

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

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