Monday, May 18, 2009

Argentina Senate for Lifting US Blockade of Cuba.

Julio 24: Jose Martí is designated Consul of Argentina in New York.

Buenos Aires - Argentina''s Senate has unanimously passed a bill requesting the lifting of the US economic, commercial, financial blockade against Cuba. Senators also voiced their strong rejection of this "unilateral coercive measure that violates the principle of people's self-determination and international law."To support their demand, the text says that since 1962, in the wake of the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba has suffered the devastating effects of the so-called "embargo" imposed by the US on its economy.The use of the word "embargo" cannot hide the fact that they are measures of coercion and aggression amounting to an illegal blockade, adds the text."We are certain that the time has come for the lifting of the unfair, illegal US blockade on Cuba and for this reason we urge our peers to approve this draft declaration," the document concludes.

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