Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The Arabist". blog from Egypt journalists.

I received an email with the contents of "The Arabist," a blog by journalists and intellectuals in Egypt where they comment this time about the U.S. Army Manual, 1943 edition on Iran, which is still, as cultural agenda for the soldier force, due to the birth, based on Iran, of Western culture for thousands of thousands of years in a country as big that Napoleon said that an army could fit in his estomach.
Forward, we will analyzed this vision of a nation that now seeks to invest in America Latina.
I think is a matter of interest to all governments and bussinesman in the Caribbean and Latin America because of the huge financial capital of IRAN and because is a international defensor about the human and cultural righs of the palestinian with so many genetics and cultural roots(with saharians, too) in the caribbeans as it is demostrated by "cemies" in the early discovery of America in the italians museums with transculturacion from african muslims countries.(1)
If you want to see "The Arabist" and the original historical document the (cultural guide) manual of US Army in Iran during the Second World War we can read about a very diplomatic and honest vision of Iran in every american soldiersince 1943, click here, please:http://arabist.net/ (will continuos...)
(See( 1): Phd Dr. Francisco Prats Puig, "La arquitectura Modejar en Santiago de Cuba", Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and "Casa de Diego Velazquez", museum, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.)

Our dear brother, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is not only the political leader of Iran, he is admired as our Cid Campeador at my University of Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, for his advocacy of Palestinian rights and the Muslim world around the planet earth and I know it is very admired by the wisdom that the creator has placed in him. even my experience as it is admired by many Jewish communities to defend Palestinians against the excesses and mistakes of an inept military leadership, sloppy and with a level of intelligence so low that it would make rolling in his grave at the famous general Moishe Dayan .

This is not what the Western press that publishes, censured, under a policy of discrimination, racism against the people of Iran, the same wealthy elite who applauded at Davos last slaughter against the Palestinian Territory and pay the manipulated Western press that even, illiterate, mastered the language and culture of Iran, a country which does not even know how to put on the map.

What Applaud those wealthy elites in Davos when the minister of Turkey abandoned the conference ?

applauded the Sword of Damocles !

because as the wise say Greece, the number of fools is infinite and the money does not give wisdom, luckily.

but, different to his position of the spirit of Crusade, when I lived in Santiago de Cuba, in my university was where Ahmadinejad have the category of hero and "domine magister" professor, and here in United States is admired for so many coalitions without room in the media under censorship by inversionist and shareholders.

I have followed the career of my brother Ahmadinejad from the days of the Iranian Revolution, praying for his soul to Ala (The Creation) that creates everything in his house, there... . He who sees everything, looks, what it sees and hears in his time with Love and Justice.

We and iranian and saharians phisicians meet so many times under the stars drinking cofee or saharian green te boiled with cuban dark sugar discussing about Ahmadinejad and the destiny of the culture, we were young at that times and have beutiful dreams in our minds listening the music of the whole universe.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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