Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Caribbean poor countries facing,today, the challenges of climate and global economy can only be save as a family of nations.

"Con todos y para el bien de todos... y patria es humanidad" (Jose Marti y Maximo Gomez en Montecristi, Santo Domingo.
"सभी के साथ है और सभी की भलाई के लिए ... और मातृभूमि मानवता है" (जोस Marti और Maximo गोमेज़ Montecristi, सैंटो डोमिंगो में.
"Với tất cả và cho tốt của tất cả các Homeland ... và là nhân loại" (José Martí và Máximo Gómez trong Montecristi, Santo Domingo.

"مع كل ولما فيه خير للجميع... والوطن هو الإنسانية" (خوسيه مارتي وماكسيمو غوميز في Montecristi ، سانتو دومينغو.

"Ile ve tüm iyiliği için ... ve Vatan insanlığın olduğu" (José Martí ve Máximo Gómez Montecristi, Santo Domingo de.

他說: “隨著和為所有人的利益...和國土是人類” (何塞馬蒂和馬克西莫戈麥斯在Montecristi ,聖多明各。
"With all and for the good of all ... and Homeland is humanity" (Jose Marti and Maximo Gomez in Montecristi, Santo Domingo.
"Avec tous et pour le bien de tous ... et de la Patrie est l'humanité" (José Marti et Maximo Gomez à Montecristi, Santo Domingo.
"Sa pamamagitan ng lahat at para sa kabutihan ng lahat ... at sa sariling bayan ay sangkatauhan" (José Martí at Máximo Gómez sa Montecristi, Santo Domingo.

The simple fact of a political will based on common roots and into our culture, without divisions between families for any reason, can save us as family of nations of the Caribbean area, despite the poverty and lack of mercy and love from others who love to grow materially.

We are people and cultures that influence the philosophical, cultural and policy around the world and possess the wealth of a spiritual world that feeds each day more of a love for all creation that he created in his image and likeness.

We, the Caribbean, despite the soldier, medicine is lacking, the food does not arrive, despite all the adversities we are a culture of life that always looks with a smile and a sparkle in the stars where the pupil will decide the fate of universe

.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.,

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