Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We must change our eating habits if we want to be healthier and more stable economies.

We must avoid at all costs that a not prevented pandemic may cause an economic collapse with worse consequences, the states and the big transnationals must joint in his effort to suppoort phisicians around the world.

The main strategy of prevention in hospitals and emergency rooms are severe cases, children under twelve years old and pregnant women. It is vital to avoid congestion hospital as a precautionary measure.

According to my experience in Cuba with swine fever and the current risk to humans and the global economy of a pandemic caused by the raising of pigs I think we should go into our thinking of changing eating habits, especially in sensitive economic areas. Moreover, breeding pigs require high hygiene and prevention than ever achieved in poor countries and it takes no less than three days in the gut causing in many cases severe gastrointestinal complications. The habit of pork in Cuba has caused losses to the economy of billions of dollars by pandemics in terms of raising these animals. Currently ninety percent of the people of Cuba have helicobacter pilori and pork is suspected of being one of their main source because even raise pigs in urban and buildings. A toilet is much cleaner than a barnyard pig.

I believe that preventive measures are most suitable to contain the possibility of a pandemic due to Roche, for example, would not have drugs on a large scale until eight months from now so that in countries with universal health wards emergency should only address severe cases, as well as hospitals to avoid a shortage of medical personnel and supplies. Care in polyclinics and at home should be prioritized and the neighborhoods where they are declared to be cordoned contagion and quarantine declared universal care with state residents. Pigs and animals have to be opportunistic receivers away from populated areas and areas for rearing pigs strictly monitored. In countries without universal health insurance primary physicians should be placed on alert for any symptoms of their patients or residents of neighborhoods that, then became their patients without health insurance until he alert phase is happens and must be supported by the entire apparatus of Health and Corporations involved in the economy of the nation to prevent hospitalization or the emergency room, very clear in every hospital must be. The uninsured detected by the primary physician to receive visits from nurses and doctors in their homes and observe the hygiene conditions of housing and its relationship with animals receiving the virus that can not even pay for the consultation, the state and Corporation of the economy must pay the physician on alert.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

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