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Racism and ethnic cleansing in the colonial elites and the reference in Latin America and the Caribbean in the analysis of our identity.

Photo in the News: Map Proof Chinese Discovered America?Click here for Ref.:

Taking into account that the political will of human rights arose in Italy in the early sixteenth century before the courts of Spain for the defense of indigenous America and the Caribbean as human beings, today we can not talk about human rights if we do not speak about the right of indigenous people, nor can we really speak of about cultural identity. Jose Marti, the writer most classic and universal political and intellectual force in America wrote in the XIX century a novel and several essays that until the Indigenuos native of American continent have a legal personality"de facto" does not reach the legal system does not exist an identity in the Caribbean and Latin America that represent us in the world.He say about indigenuos culture: "They are our Grece better than the Greece of the greeks."
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.34233
Many studies on the Caribbean look into our identity with the same glasses of the customs officer at the airport in order to inspect any of the black Caribbean or Latin, but not touched, not even inspected, the wife of white skin that accompanies the black suspect, despite she is so Caribbean as the spouse, but with the difference of having white skin and a Spanish passport. The incident occurred at the Miami airport recently, and one of the passengers waiting for the inspection was the Cuban actor Cesar Evora, located in Mexico, I was informed when I received the visit of the Cuban passenger marriage of question.(Contradictory to this kind of inspection that discriminates against Hispanics who have no passport of Europe in the Miami airport, you should remember that the "mothers" of the terrorists of the Towers of New York and the London bombings were rooted in Western Europe in the continent, but that looks like they are forgotten.)
This is an unsafety very primitive sychologial stereotipe of how we look at all the Caribbean and Latin, and these events are common in many customs inspections by the racial profile like in the times of Lombroso in Paris ending the XIX century in the SURETE, even in violation of the mail, from a postcard sent to me to Sarasota, Florida by a Cuban living in Germany, I received only a broken and empty envelop crushed like garbage on without any explanation from Germany Mail Office.
If we think in the ethnic cleansing in the state of Georgia, United States of the Native American before the Secession War and the inclusion of precolumbian cultures with pagans rites by Spain, (Click here for REf.:
we can have a suspicious point of view about any reference to study identity that come from the colonial elites based on sociological stereotypes, actually.
Recently, I read in the "Saint Peters burg Times", daily from Saint Pete,(The city of the Museum "Salvador Dali") a city between Tampa and Sarasota, Florida, about a local lab that founded Chinese genetic in native American and angloamerican blood, they tray have budget from the goverment to research because there are many cues about the idea that China discovered America before Columbus, but they never took any more about the issue. When I tray to jogging with my angloamericans friends about they don't found the side of comedy in the idea to be a chinesseangloamerican genetic descendant, they refused the idea as a crazy "mental lapses of a journalist" but I read the information in the first page of a serious local newspaper. (About China discovering America historic clues and ancient maps, click here:
Sometimes a white or black supremacist ideal is used to suppressed any context from India, the Arabs cultures and Asia, mainly China in the deeply of the semantic field research about Caribbean identity, but much more when that happens with Native American and native precolumbian descendant in the Caribbean and Latin America, only relegate to archeology without any consequence in the link of "how we are, really".
The great mother's father wife was a indian woman merry with a spain descendant in the mountain of Baracoa, Cuba, but her behavior never have been studied as an surviving influenced in the community, plastic and in the symbols of civilization in the popular class. Almost never nobody suspect if something, for example, if it is inside of the cuban literature more than a vocabulary that come from them,nobody care in the caribbean intellectual elite looking for Grece, even if they can be really never a grece or a roman. Who care about the indian? Only the archeologist and very few interested people without budget to research.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida,34233.

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