Tuesday, April 7, 2009

?Filmmakers? Shoot and panning here: Sarasota Florida.Exterior.Day.

Now that Hollywood has come in economic crisis and only expensive movies are filmed there that can be counted on the fingers of one hand, I think that Sarasota County, Florida is the best of possible worlds to shoot anything that imagine a screenwriter or director.

Apart from the fact that Sarasota is home to a major film festival and is one of the cities with the most resident millionaires, its magnificent beaches, its location near the Everglades, the Ringling Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Salvador Dali Museum, the Bay Tampa and the Gulf of Mexico,(Sarasota, Florida is just three and a half hours traveling to Cuba on a yacht, with good weather in the Caribbean Sea and only three ours to Miami travelling in a car or half one or less in a plane since Sarasota International Airport.) make it an ideal location for filming outdoors. Any director may receive support from the population that is involved in film for years, and also of international investors who have their home here.
I remember years ago my participation in a closed meeting with Claudia Cardinale, her husband, film director Squitieri and several writers and producers of Cinecitta, Rome, Italy, for the filming of a comedy about Kissinger* in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba where the material logistics to make a film is very low if we compare it to Sarasota, Florida, and by that experience when I was film critic of ICAIC and the university system in Cuba, I think that directors who are fleeing the expensive Hollywood industry can shoot here in Sarasota, Florida where there is main industry of American Florida Heritage, talent and experience related to the cinema, logistics, living nature of the tropics and people with money and ideas on culture and art?
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.
I remember that after the visit of Claudia, we were visited by people linked to the French film industry and a beautiful young journalist from "Le Monde" was asking me: What is the criterion for displaying movies stupid in Cuba? I realized that the French do not like the idea of rejecting the script of the Italians in Santiago de Cuba for purely political reasons because there was accorded a meeting with Kissinger, it was thought that perhaps he does not like the idea of being the object of laughter in a comedy filmed in Cuba.
Kissinger to the Cubans was too German, a little bitter and kind sense of humor.
The same happen when we meet with mostly ironic filmaker of east europe because they know we have many different point of view that Mosfilms use to have, the Russian industry of cinema at that time.We were fans of Brazil filmmaker Glauber Rocha and the cuban Humberto Solas. Particulary, I recognized only Chaplin "Gone with the winds" team, Casablanca, Antonionni , Bergman and Losey in Europe as a real filmakers.They have not pop corn and soda's films to the people.

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