Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Jamaican Observer", reader comment about next "SUMMIT OF LAS AMERICAS" in Trinidad.

The Caribbean countries are not the puddle of misery in Latin America because we have demonstrated to the rest of humanity that we are political will, a set of peoples, cultures that powerfully influence the rest of humanity.

We have the natural and historic right to be respected as nations, cultures and peoples.
We are players in the history and the misery of Haiti is the first link us all up to colonialism and exploitation, the Summit is to agree in Trinidad to take concreted action on Haiti.No we can not allow Haiti to the role of beggar living off scraps because Haiti, together with Dominican Republic, is a desire for freedom in the history of Latin America and was the key factor, with Haitian troops, with dominican elites and their descendants, in the independence of Cuba, its culture and Caribbean identity as it was demostrated by the writer Don Emilio Bacardi in his novel "Via Crucis" and others intellectuals in the period that we figth against Spain colonial metropoly in the XIX century.
The first form of colonial thinking toward Latin America is in contempt and humiliation to block Haiti since T'Oussaint L'Overture took up arms for the dignity of its people and America and it is proven by Haitian troops whom died fighting alongside the colonial America as Washingon troops.
Haiti is still blocked"DE FACTO" by his daring.
There is in any way, so far, a concrete political will to Haiti, as there is none to Africa, so that the countries of the Caribbean can only wait for promises, the rich, they look to us all of us as beggars Caribbean that are able to smile and be grateful to crumbs
to which we must live forever thankful to the little rich priviledged elites that exploit and humiliate us because they see us as inferior races, inferior cultures.
That psychology has to change in a world exposed to severe climatic changes and very explosive social problems.
Solitary confinement, lack of union and inequity of our poor and small countries in the Caribbean area that makes some of their leaders mouth shut for fear of irritating the United States and Europe .. Some Caribbean leaders behave with the same psychology of the beggars at the doors of churches and go to the summit with the rich but not claim rights to ask for more leniency with anguished face. The policy that protects local corruption, the privileges associated with colonialism, is unacceptable and must cease, we can not continue to live as free people of scraps and not faced its own culture. The Caribbean countries have a natural right to exist in the international community as countries that should be respected, we can no longer allow for rich countries to follow seeing as colonies of their companies and banks with regulations made by the robbers to plunder our wealth and for the enjoyment of rich tourists.Gualterio Nunez Esrada, Sarasota, Florida.
The Information* that I found in one of the most influential and authoritative caribbean media, in a serious newspaper in the Caribbean, the "JAMAICAN OBSERVER," for the next summit in Trinidad about the dismay OF LEADERSHIP at a common agenda in the Caribbean area is nothing but the evidence, for me, that never rich and serious investors have taken into account this area BASED ON, in one side, infrastructure problems, or internal problems, that I believe are:

1 .- The internal corruption AND CRIMINALITY linked to the looting of our wealth by foreign companies that don't support a commun political position in any summit with rich countries.Rich countries never have budget for caribbeans, that's historical,they only promise and, later, "de facto" offert us a strong bank regulation and a very higth interest that kill the future in the country.The first thing an investor looks is at the legal system vinculated to corruption in the bureaucracy of the state. The second is the logistics communications with the area. Third, the stringency of energy policy in all aspects of daily life. Discipline in all the energy levels of a poor country is vital.
They never trust in caribbeans goverments as isolated countries as they are, actually, like that, never don't have so much credit for insurer and reinsurer.. In the other side, the banking regulations they offer to caribbeans, for the same reason, are so stringent that they become the rope which hanged our grandchildren. Don't wait for compasion in the jungla where you are a little one, not a tiger..
2 .- The superficiality of the media to uproot people from their local reality historical and cultural defraud the headmens and VP with the monkey imitation or puppeted, following the media of rich countries. (colonialism in the media)
3.-There is not even a single currency, free movement , speech, and communication. The informatic is so expensive for caribbeans that never complaint the problem in United Nation.
4 .- The local elites look to Europe or United States as ideal of life and welfare.
5 .- The Caribbean countries are isolated, no real communication from village to village. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE OTHER ONE.
6.-The Caribbean countries are too dependent on family remittances.
7 .- The education plans are often disconnected from the area of culture, history and real needs.
8.-The unions in the Caribbean have a poor political participation because people are classified by racial and social categories. ("To each according to his ability and to each ability according to their works and their education. So there will be no privileged classes or unfair preferences ..." Don Benito Juarez, Mexico City, January 11, 1861.)
9.-The accounts of government and business are associated with corruption and patronage of local officials AND/OR MAFIAS.. REALLY, THE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM DOES NOT EXIST IN THE AREA.
10. The common citizen does not have access to real information in real time and this is a picture of helplessness before the legal system.
Both in Cuba and in Miami I have discussed with investors and exporters two problems common to Caribbean area:
1.-Corruption in the legal system and the local bureaucracy involved delaying the implementation of the operational phase and the failure of standards.
2,-Investors are left perplexed when they see in the real waste of resources and energy from the common citizen to the highest levels.
3.- Investors and exporters are complaining about the poverty of the communication in our countries. I think that is not only the psychology of exploitation and racism that conspires against us in he caribbeans, but first of all is into our own internal weaknesses the support of them in our relation, very fragmented, wih the richest.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.
*Ahead of Summit of the Americas, concerns raised at Caribbean leaders' 'deafening silence'
Tuesday, April 07, 2009, Jamaican Observer.

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