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Cuba:The United States trade embargo on Cuba remains intact.There are really a Summit of Las Americas" with Cuba under american policy of embargo?

Maintaining the US embargo half a century cold war policy toward Cuba is increasing suspicion and caution towards U.S. policies in the backyard, Caribbean and Latin American goverments.
This policy toward Cuba that gives rise to every Latin American government save the ace of spades under the sleeve when it comes to dialogue with United States or Europe.
Since 1959, when Americans produced scarce in Havana, was set the policy of blockading Cuba. If we look at the Caribbean area from this policy as we will see: 1 .- The economy of Haiti fell three times in comparison to Dominican Republic. 2 .- The administrative corruption, the indices of violence, emigration to Europe and United States, capital flight, drug trafficking, arms and people have grown up in organized crime linked to the low world in the Americas. 3 .- The AIDS and infectious diseases rose to levels similar to those in Africa. 4 .- The Caribbean Sea is completely acidified with total loss of species and habitats. 5 .- The inequality and the neglect of the humble layers increased and led to more social explosions like those that occurred in Guadeloupe(LPK) and Reunion (French Caribbean), with labor unions. 6 .- It increases the lack of communication between the countries of the Caribbean. The Caribbean area is one of the only place of the world where a common citizen "first knows" what is happening in Paris or Rome or Latvia than what is happening in their own country or countries of the area.I interview many Caribbeans and they doesn't know what's going on in the French Caribbean at the time, recently, when the people was in the street on strike during severals weeks, but they know very well what is going in Poland's Unions, for example.Even, cheaper for the Caribbean is to know that's going on in Europe or America, Japan or China than in their own area. By contrast, despite a state which is guided by a Communist Party in power, Cuba presents positive demographic indicators higher, even higher than United States and Canada.

(Is going to have one million of university graduated... with a population around 12, millions and have one of the lowest emigration rate in Latin America.)
The policy of maintaining the blockade against Cuba and allow "only" Cubans to travel freely to the island as a political ping pong ball between Havana and Washington is cruel and unacceptable, is a clear insult to the intelligence of the Cuban people in the United States of America , which are also Americans, in short. We are using as a political tool, again ...? Why. which is the reason?
What is intended to create more problems for the Washington-Havana existing unresolved along fifty years?

Since starting Obama, this evil policy toward Havana , a low profile in the midled of a cold war, that it intends to use as ambassadors only, the Cuban-American community, beleaguered group, as all Hispanics, for the economic crisis and for fifty years of Cold War Havana-Washington so that we will remain in the White House as human shields because the community does not have approval in Congress, nor the Cuban Senate lawmakers, the only Caribbean lobby in Congress and the Senate in the United States of America.We know very well this kind of policy since the times of Reagan and Kissinger, is a remake that only has some aplause in the gallery but will be taken very serious in Havana with so many experience to handled the cubaamerican community used as a tool of any kind of Washington internal policy.They will be target as soon they landed Cuba.
Whom develops only in Cuba this policy by maintaining a low-profile low-intensity conflict in the Caribbean is an increased deployment of military intelligence in Cuba, no civil society, and I am very sure that Havana have been taken discrete steps, but firm on the matter.

Russia was the key factor for the development of Cuba today, Russia,the elite and the people, really demonstrated to Cubans baby boomers like me, to had the political will to stand up Cuba from a marginal position that come from the times of slavery in Caribbeans, even we have the first black latinoamerican "James Bond" in the space, thanks Baykonur soviet cosmos program, by this experience we know that United States has,a few miles from the coast of Caribbeans countries, actually, the capacity to support developing countries in the Caribbean to afford a condition as our small "tigers" in Latin America economy in the next close future.We have a lot of resources but not to control, drugs, violence and administrative corruption that spend energy for nothing and destroy the state by an unsafe bureaucrat servants of a few dynasty of families in the power. United States has the resource that we don't, even in economy crisis, and that the difference, no because we are more or less corrupted that the other one in America or Europe.
But, going to the Summit of Las Americas I do not see the political will anywhere but by some more of the same ... ? We will have to wait for the Russians to be "open to the business".
Can you really think to be able to have democracy for everyone in states where there is no economy that sustains them, nor education and health that will provide equal opportunities to all, only, sometimes, at least for 10% or less of the population.?
Without resource to control drugs, administrative corruption and prevention of crime and violence and data interchanged Caribbean countries can afford a real democracy for all citizen with equal opportunities and the possibility to be member of a union of worker that protect rigths and the economy.
Regardless of the party holding the shift in power?(Many times the name of the next elected president you can know six month before, in Miami, if you socialised with the latinoamerican elite who live or travel to United States, the political power change hands but really they are still the same people with different names and political party.)

The unions of workers, farmers and artists of Guadeloupe(LPK) recently demonstrated the need of all workers in the Caribbean can have unions membership linked with unions of United States and Europe to defend their rights because, they are, the unions of workers and peasants, essentially, the basis of the state policy of equal rights and protecting the economy, the cultural identity of our small towns, in every political party in the power, the real only guarantee against corruption, inequality, trafficking of influenced, capitals, money laundering, in our dears Caribbeans small countries forgotten by the big powers in every summit, always.
The unions of workers and peasants are the true basis of the contemporary state and a political party in the power to represent everyone, equally. They are the main force that evolve the modern society. In fact, the "Obama factor" in the United States is due to U.S. trade unions political action.Unions as political and cultural force of the nation has not yet been exploited in the countries of the Caribbean, as recently we saw in the Guadeloupe with LPK supported by 90% of the population, french and American unions and Guadeloupe media (journalist) in the french Caribbean. More than 70% of American workers are in favor of unions and so many Europeans.
The only guarantee of a developing Caribbean states are labor unions, ultimately. In United States the union workers got a black intellectual from lower middle class family who was not rich, to lead the most powerful nation on earth. That is, the union section of workers, the technical nature of the modern state, his "rerum natura" regardless of their ideology. The first to write a book about the state was Lenin, with precisely this thesis on sociology of the modern state in terms of political science.
So, because, nobody have been took about the develop of Caribbeans countries yet, only some promise to Haiti to fill up the news I think that "De Facto" any American or European proposal to develop the Caribbean is void as a true political will from their own roots for the same reasons of the actual policy that prevents Cuba from participating in the communications, computing, commerce, finance, Education and Culture of the Caribbean area.
(The Caribbean area includes, Florida, Georgia and New Orleans as influence main factors in the continent)
Obama must think that in Trinidad and Tobago that "old fashion" frozen Mc Donald's blockade of Cuba can not be digested even by the dogs that guard the Summit of the Americas.
The real interes of many big players latinoamerican goverment as Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil is the new energy geopolitic in Washington,really,the continental interdependence in energy matter with the United States with more trade in oil(read this link about the real discussion(oil and money) in "Las Americas Summit")http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/outlook/6375697.html)
, then, Cuba suposed to be a political and ideological problem, but if we read this news we can think very different because "money tooks in Wall Street":Read this link about cuban oil(thousands of billons of dollars in "international trade") and canadian Sherrit pray to Washington:http://uk.reuters.com/article/tnBasicIndustries-SP/idUKN1441946420090415
Cuba oil reserves can be a big player, too, it does not mater ideology or political orientation in the midled of a climatic change and a global economy crisis.
According to the latest estimate of a fraction of the Cuban coast a few miles from Key West, Florida, there are reserves to keep United States for three years with energy, and lack even the largest area of Cuba where it is known that there are oil and gas, to explore. I remember that President Fox of Mexico, within its mandate, complained that the Mexicans should explore for more oil because the Cuban basin was subject to the same Mexico that draws oil. Hence in the next Summit all stakeholders in the energy business are asking whether or not authorized by Washington to the Canadian Sherrit or Exxon Mobil Corp to tap strategic oil reserve for United States in case of climatic disasters or others, a few miles from Florida ...That the question: "To be or not to be".The real drama that nobody talk inside the next summit in the caribbeans.
All that happens after or before will be linked, really, to energy policy, not ideology or politics issues.Nobody will kill himself jumping by the windown like a swiss banker* use to do, sometimes, with a bed on the ground.
*Une Suisse au-dessus de tout soup├žon ("Switzerland Exposed"), Jean Zigler,1976. ISBN 978-2020046831
The main problem now is how and when we can be able to survive as civilizated societies in(continental) America, a task based on energy, energy and his mains source in the american geological area.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.
Obama Opens Door to Cuba, but Only a Crack
New York Times - ‎1 hour ago‎.Click here to read article:http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/15/world/americas/15cuba.html?ref=americas

“This is a narrow set of measures,” Mr. Peters* said. “It doest not at all get at the issue of broader contact between American society and Cuban society, and it leaves us in kind of an odd situation where one ethnic group has an unlimited right to travel to Cuba and the rest of us are under these cold war regulations.”

*Philip Peters, a Cuba specialist and vice president at the Lexington Institute, a policy research center.

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