Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caribbean-Korean way to develop our countries in the new relation with United States and Europe.

The economic crisis is forcing Europe to loose 30% of the capital of South Korea to seek areas of investment, at this moment, and as soon as possible, are billions of dollars in goods and services, some of which can benefit the Caribbean and Florida, directly, if we employ a common strategy as the Caribbean countries and lifting the blockade against Cuba. That would be just the beginning of a great movement in the economic area to increase, later, with the union of the two Koreas to a significant levels because of the close ties between Cuba and North Korea.(Source: "Radio Korea International"

The state is the responsable that its citizens can live in the use of their money and not expecting the money to drop from the sky.
Neither of the two Koreas, under any circumstances, have based their development on the basis of an economy of ma' and pa' remittances. Both South Korea and the North is worried about government social assistance schemes that reach all citizens and the real barrier to climate problems that impede social chaos. Monitoring the movement of capital, accounting systems and the scrutiny of civil servants employed in the two Koreas, despite the difference of systems have been key to the high scientific and technological development of the entire Korean peninsula. Uncontrolled money remittances have served, so many times, to support terrorism in the Middle East and are being monitored in United States. That should do the same in the Caribbean through the banks if we really want to control the drug trafficking, organized crime, trafficking, and corruption of public officials. Basic technical aspects are likely to have security for investors in the region and have no ideological or political means. Are basic moral and ethical problems that the state should not get used to its citizens having to live off remittances from abroad if we want any respect from the rich or the magazine "The Economist" which is published in London.
A key factor in this relationship between the economies of Caribbean and Florida to learn to work in coordination with the lobbying of Puerto Rico and Cuban Americans in Congress and the Senate because that is an issue that is above ideological differences and / or policies related to climate change, drug trafficking, terrorism, human trafficking, immigration, human and social rights, and organized crime, moreover, that are vital in a relationship with United States is a large elephant in a glassware store for a small and poor country like ours in terms of biodiversity and identity. Another vital aspect is to learn to work with American unions* and high levels of security companies such as EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION to maintain production levels to more efficient security and benefits to the worker.
*70% of the American aproved unions.
Vladimir Ilich Lenin ran the master plan and development of the electrification of Russia, a country of feudal serfs, Lenin use the best of his era, was not, or ideological, or political, was guided by the scientific theory of the modern state of which Lenin was the great precursor for all mankind. Lenin was the first in human history that conceives a scientific model of the modern state and its technical aspects that are neither left nor right, nor resist political assessment, as is true today the concept of Marx on the credit in this economic crisis ..
Attorney General's Office, auditors, system, consumer protection and banking systems must have a common database to handle the nation's economic behavior and state, for the exchange of information enters the area and countries and with Police agencies in Europe and United States.
Caribbean governments can not be guided by good will of the United States and Europe, or its current domestic democratic order that "deux ex machina" to develop into our societies poor and dependent. We must find own way to interact with United States and Europe. The French Revolution never came to the Caribbean rather than as a reference for the lighting. Caribbean just arrived at Napoleon's troops and later the United States invaded. This policy will not change overnight, even as psychologial stereotipe in he commun citizen as happen in the time of Roman Empire and barbarian countries*, if we are not be able to have a political process that requires communication, understanding it, cooperation with United States people and government,anyway,because we are faced with the dilemma of climate change affects the survival of all species. The planet could be completely flooded with water or losing atmosphere unless we act with sensitivity, cooperation and sense of humanity. It is no longer the danger of nuclear war between Russia and United States which threatens us, but destruction of habitat and the spread of hunger, disease and contamination of groundwater. So I think we should all support the UN and support peace, for example, between Iran and Israel, and protect the people of Israel from any threat to their security but continue to support the Palestinian cause.
*A sample of what I say on the psychology of the Roman Empire in the United States is that the "Enola Gray," the airplane that launched the atomic bomb on Japan today has a museum to educate future generations as if it was a glorious fight, the fatal mistake of making an experiment the pump with the Japanese people long after the Emperor of Japan will send a letter of surrender to Stalin published in a newsletter of the American nuclear scientists recently.
While these patterns are maintained in Europe and United States, guide of the education of future generations, Caribbean leaders must look with fear Stalin eating and taking liquor with German ambassador a few hours before the invasion of the Reich.
That was just a minute ago in the history.

It is a big mistake to isolate Israel from the community, internacionally, we must also learn to argue and interact with the government of Israel and his problems, and to cooperate with any peace effort with the Arabic world from Israel. We can not be accomplices of the Holocaust of the Jewish people, we will never out of conviction, and moral education, but to criticize Israel.
Inside us, there are marginals way of meaning if we see our face in a mirror:We know very well the psychology of racism, colonialism and exploitation of the irresponsible and uprooted elites in the Caribbean, whether black or white, now. when we believe that the system of slavery and the African trade has disappeared, but many people are slavishly serve to a powerful local untocheables as they were their slaves or servants of their particular farm.
The lack of Democracy kill the state based on an always corrupted and untouchable burocracy of families. At the end, the most unuseful people, the most corrupted and unprepared take position of leadership destroyng the economic of the country based on demagogy chovinism and a very unmatured and unbalanced political of masses.That happen in capitalist and socialist country because the state has not political orientacion, neither to the left, neither to rigth, is baseds on every citizen as they are, without discriminaion and with the policy of equal opportunity for all.
And we ask for garantee, too, in the international relation, but:
What is the guarantee that gives us Europe and United States not invaded in Latin America, where only a few days ago Israel bombing Gaza without any mercy, and never, ever, there was a UN mandate, nor the Security Council to that the commander in chief of the blue helmets deployed troops in Gaza, security, security in a world that passively contemplate the slaughter of the Palestinians? Do we, the caribbeans, are safe and have better look than palestinian to the glasses of this people who managed the world economy and decided wether or not we must be invaded or how long we must be blockaded as Saint Petersburg by the nazis?

The President of Iran Mahamoud Admadinejad has a reputation for being too radical against Israel because the Jews are actually still being harassed and persecuted in many parts of the world, precisely by he was so critical in the recent UN Conference Against Racism: Racism was the argument and is an apparent contradiction, because in essence the President of Iran gave birth to pray to God and to the nations a counciusness of clemency to Palestinians people that nobody had yet, really, and at the eyes of God for his sin is forgiven, but God never will forgive those who could stop the recently slaughter in Gaza of women, children and the elderly and did not simply do nothing to stop it and now left the room or abstained from attending the conference at the time when the Iranian President recently spoke at the Conference on Racism in the United Nations. Roman Catholic as I, give my soul for the Jewish people who educated and give me love in Havana when I was children to any sin of the President of Iran, but I pray to God that God give long life to the President of Iran and more mercy and enligthement for defending the defenseless Palestinians entirely isolated for the psychology of the people leaving a conference in the midst of diplomatic efforts to a less savage and hostile world that they don't care and it does not matter for them because they are selfish more than racist.They feel better than the other one because they fill they are rich and in the deep they are soo ignorant people than does'nt know themselves, the excuse is Israel but the behavior is the same as fariseus in the Bible.

How can we trust those who applauded at the last Summit in Davos, Switzerland, the indiscriminate slaughter of the Palestinians?

I wonder, as they can go to churches to pray believing that God hears hearts full of unacknowledged sins.
If as I think I am as mad as Don Quixote by my Spanish-Cuban education, it luck is like my soul will go when I die, as a Roman Catholic in Cuba with the Palestinians in Gaza'souls who died innocently and the souls of the Haitians who died in hospitals for lack of a primary physician, so, my soul to be with Dulcinea, fiametta loved by Pushkin and Bocaccio which flew to the stars,
something has to serve this life and not to walk like a dandy the planet earth.We have no other weapon that the ideal of love for this flame in the wind, the butterfly of Pandora's box, beautiful illumination of the soul and that makes men great.
? What goes, into our secret mind,to be sane if we have so much major sins against God under the umbrella of sins of others with much smaller ones than ours, we who live in abundance in the middle of the first first world, if we do not have a sense of compassion within us into our souls to be in brotherhood doing well with all people of the planet, without distinction. Jesus healed the sick as it does today, a physician, admitted insane, beggars and marginalized in their entourage but at the same time hitting the rich and well dressed Pharisees. I am convinced that the world today again to crucify Christ if he born as human again, even with awareness of his innocence, just for daring to show a path of humility and love.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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