Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dominican Republic General has loyaly to the King of Spain, too.

Brigadier General and architect in Dominican Republic is also Spanish citizenship. "El Pais, Madrid
The epidemic that shakes today, the Cuban people from one end to another of the island, also to obtain Spanish citizenship, had already reached the highest levels of their neighboring Dominican Republic, a young and atractive woman,architect and in the Higth Commander staff of The Dominican Army , has been declared, moreover, with Spanish citizenship for the origin of their ancestors. So what I read in El PaĆ­s, the Madrid newspaper, influential in Europe and, so many more, in the Caribbean. Both in Cuba and Dominican Republic, Spanish citizenship is shared with the original birth one and is welcomed by the entire population of these islands because Madrid is the main source of these cultures in the Caribbean. Cuban emigrants tend to call Spain, "La Madre Patria"(The Motherland) drawing an ironic and cheerful smile on his lips.

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