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The fiscal indiscipline in the state of Florida and how the Caribbean countries must act accordingly.

We must prepare for the immediate investment of capital from Korea in Florida, and be aware of what happens.
It is vital that we have a look at the philosophy of economics and energy based on fiscal indiscipline in the region to ensure common capital Korean arrivals to the caribbeans and also to invest in Florida, our main goal.Controling narcotrafic, human traffiking and reinforcing the police and auditors is vital in the area for ours small caribbean countries always monitoring Florida behavior.
We, The Caribbean countries, can not expect us to spend what is happening in Mexico for the weak attitude of their rulers and the poor political and ideological education of some representatives of the Mexican intellectual elite who live behind their own people. It should be clarified that there is no contradiction between the working classes and peasants of Mexico and United States, the problem is inside the mexican elite of intellectuals whos political education falls short of its responsibility to America area,even, during decades, with respect to the internal problems of United States and particularly Florida .Mexico is paying today the duck for his ideological weakness based on mispicks in the culture of the Mexican Revolution, the more stronger and historical in the America area, north and south, Canada to Patagonia.
We have a balance in Mexico that does not go well and I think we should work with the working class and peasant in Mexico in terms of their culture, ideology and political education necessary because we must eliminate any tension between the working class and rural Americans and the Mexican labor movement. Tensions between homologous classes are the basis of economic weakness and lead to more exploitation and less profit because the money does not flow, not reversed, nor labor markets are created. Rather, they accumulate more and more capital in few hands and the economy freezes. We need more political education in the Mexican intellectuals because they depend on them to follow the line and work with the working class for American intellectuals of the South and the Party.
Currently we have an overwhelming amount of capital from England and Canada without exit in an alley in Florida, are behind the Arab capitals, behind the Japanese, then Korean may be, but none has even set foot on landing, even a control tower and this is a serious obstacle, as I confirmed my Argentine friends who advise lawyers reinsurer* in Zurich, (Bank of the Worker) in Switzerland, for investment in the Caribbean and Florida.
*It is scheduled the closure of severals shopping centers in Sarasota by bankrrupcy, Florida retail in the midweast and the fast food companies that wanted to expand in Tampa have failed in three months and they are all near to collpsed. (industry tertiary and retail area Sarasota to Tampa)Now, with the pandemia in Mexico the impact will becaem worst for caribbean area closing bussines operation Mexico-Florida with very higth chain of bankrrupcy in the little and midled companies. There are a danger of colapsing economy because the sanitary control don't have a infraestructure in the Health System of Florida that doesn't work for everybody. The vaccination in Florida es very primitive and the hospital infraestructure and nursery can't support the impact of a pandemia. The inversionist are putting the money safe outside the area as soon as possible, until we see what would happens)
I wonder if a solution is to allow the Mint to the Bank of England to issue more paper money to the brake means certain areas of investment in the absence of a universal public health infrastructure as in Canada or Cuba that reinsurer* in Switzerland will take into account, even in Japan and Korea.This is my experience in my personal interchange of ideas with europeans bankers, bussinesman and exporter from Egipt and arab jeques about investments in the caribbean area.*(Florida-caribbeans)
*"The last such outbreak, a "Hong Kong" flu pandemic in 1968, killed about 1 million people".Source, Reuter:
IRS says set to pursue "other banks" on tax evasion
Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:33pm EDT
By Tom Brown
MIAMI (Reuters) - The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is preparing to pursue other foreign banks for allegedly facilitating tax evasion by wealthy Americans following its high-profile case against Switzerland's UBS AG (UBSN.VX) (UBS.N), an IRS official said on Monday.
UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, in February acknowledged that it helped U.S. clients conceal assets from the U.S. government. It agreed to pay a $780 million fine and identify some of its American clients.#
One way, usual, to evade tax is to have a small business in Miami and another fr, very large, in a Latin American country with another licenced paying to local very corrupted authorities to establish an export business to Spain or Portugal and so can launder money by banks transfer free of sin coming to Switzerland. Swiss bankers are often caught without fault for that money from the Caribbean Sea"s pirates because United States does not monitor, never, the conduct of its citizens abroad. Nobody paid to Swiss bankers to be Sherlock Holmes, nor do they have to pay for the impunity of the economic crime, or tolerance of other states. We can not abusing of Switzerland.
The brave people, educated of Switzerland, very humanitarian deserves more respect on our part. I devoted, personally, the high ethics and morals of Swiss bankers and the simplest of its citizens who risked national security of the Nation to save Jews from the camps concentracion during the Second World War. Value to me is the proof of the citizens of Switzerland, his high sense of humanitarian difficult to overcome.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.
.Blogger opinion... about this news from Reuter..Source:
1 .- The global economic crisis began in the market for homes in Florida(*), as the crisis that began in 1930, specifically in the city of Sarasota, Florida.
2 .- Florida is a U.S. territory, but belongs to the Caribbean area and is the main factor weighing on the economy of the area and climate change.
3 .- We can not wait for Florida to maintain optimal levels of fiscal discipline, but we must act accordingly with the appropriate mechanisms to avoid these mistakes and expect economicos.
4 .- The behavior of fiscal discipline in Florida should be monitored by the central banks of countries in terms of the Caribbean maneuvers with the credit and capital transfer.
5.- Capital for the international community is to support the states and the institutions of Mexico if we want marketing, balanced economy and climatic changes under control in the Gulf and Caribbean Sea because the key role in the domestic and global economy of the state of Florida and inside the policy of United States to the caribbean area. Mexico is the reference to afford and enviroment of cooperation and cultural crossover.We are in danger Florida=Caribbeans to be a collapsed economy, togethers, if Mexico can afford a balance...
mostly, in the arabs world, loosing the money the arabs inversionist and bankers in Florida and Mexico, millons of people in Asia can not eat even a bread. The flu pandemia demostrated tha only a infraestructure of phisician, nurse and hospitals for everybody can garantee the economy of a country.
6.-Internal problems and contradictions in Mexico and United States can not carry a child leftism due to errors on the right. This is a game involving China with a population of one billion people, the unity of the American people and the destiny of Latin America and even as nations, are involved with the investments of Spain that have fourth million unemployed, rigth now. We should all have a great responsability with the people of Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean area which depends the whole subsequent development of financial recovery. In this sense, road, we must abroad to support the President of Mexico and the United States of America because this is a game based on climate and life on the planet.
(*)The health system is to Americans as the feudal system of housing linked to the stock market and the credit. Jose Marti had already criticized the system of renting houses in Northern America as a backward feudal society in the United States that they believed hindered the development of American society as a tare SOCIOECONOMIC linked to the psychology of Wall Street who called Marti " North, scrambled and brutal, "meaning the financial relations of imperialist and predatory character".

In my view and my own experience over 13 years in the United States of America's health system and housing goes against the very idea of the charter to ensure the happiness of the people, in reality only the rich can be the luxury of gambling on employment, housing and health in Wall Sreet. The poor countries of the Caribbean must guarantee to every citizen as a fundamental right: housing, health, labor, education and culture, it is autodestrucive, and you can be easy crushed by American domestic crises that are only appeased because they never cured the source of the disease just use aspirin to reduce fever and to keep the aspirations of the rich. Never make investigations of social ills, and never approach the problem in science, only the legal standard.

José Martí and Karl Marx in the nineteenth century agreed on the critical nature of capitalism and the nature of their socio-economic relations primitive. Marti spoke of housing and Marx more feudal burdens of credit and to this day clash with the same problem exaggerated by a health system that does not work even for people with insurance.

We must have like small countries the economic philosofy to confront this problems that some economist knows as "OWENS CRYSIS" inside the "rerum natura" of the capitalist way of production that we are in the global economy.

That would have to take it into account because there is a Triangle of Bermuda in the global economy in the demographic socioeconomic relation Mexico-Florida-Caribbean with its epicenter in Florida Midweast to Tampa Port and must be deeply investigate this consideration carefully observed by the Swiss Confederation in reasuguradoras ago years ago when I discussed with them in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, the same problem that we have today.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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