Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The american tourist in Cuba is very different from the other one.

"Guided by the efforts of 2.3 million Canadian and European tourists visiting the island each year, could be expected to come from the U.S. to engage in sunbathing on the beach, drinking mojitos and learn salsa. "So says the BBC correspondent in Havana World in a reportage about the possible relations between Cuba and United States without knowing the behavior of an American tourist in Cuba, very different from Europeans or the Canadian as be.(BBC MUNDO, CLICK HERE:http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/america_latina/2009/03/090407_0402_cuba_castro_legisladores_eeuu_mf.shtml
Most of the American tourists (including journalist from Washington D.C. and New York, sometimes in my house in Santiago de Cuba, jeweler and leaders of truck driver unions) I met in Cuba were with the behavior prety fully integrated in the same way of living of the Cuban population, including by taking their custom. In addition, American tourists in Cuba tends to express a sense of familiarity and cooperation with the people of Cuba that is not never saw no tourists anywhere else in the world. The link between the Cuban people and American tourists will go far beyond a visitor from another country. I saw American tourists, three days in Cuba, as they danced and sang in the streets as if they were ordinary people of the Cuban population. That, I never observed in any other foreigner in Cuba.Really the BBC don't know this special condition of the american tourist in Cuba based on my experience of life and practice as journalist in the caribbean island where I was born and educated.
For Cubans on the island, the Spanish and Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Brazilians and Italians are family, they all look the same. Of all those who fall in the range of foreign tourists preferred are the Swiss and the Americans on his way to be with the Cuban people. One factor contributing to this relationship is that in Cuba there are not kidnappings or assaults of organized mafia and you can let your kids freely playing in the street or going alone waking to school that nothing never happened, no one touches or hurts your baby .More, In Cuba there are no racial differences of any kind.The crime of trafficking and selling drugs in Cuba has been punished with death penalty or thirty years, without exception of persons. The possession of knives or firearms, or pornography is punished with lengthy prison terms. Cuba has absolutely no beggar any homeless, or children, and families stranded.
Sure, there are very special visitors, such as Swedes, the Danes and Norwegians who are behaving like the Swiss, if you've made friends with them and the door of the house is open, they just opened the door and enter to the bottom of the house without warning and they treat you like a family intimate, no formalities, even if you are putting your clothes when you've finished out of the bathroom.
This is normal for them to feel in Cuba as his own house. But british are worst when you became friendly with them in Cuba: one couple of british writers from London tray to pay me some money in order to live with us at home sleeping in the hall because we have not any room for them,but because I refused, they became very angry with me and the frienship don't last so mucho than a year and half.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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