Friday, March 6, 2009

"We will not let a bunch of békés restore slavery", Ellie Domota, LPK, Guadaloupe.

"Nous ne laisserons pas une bande de békés rétablir l'esclavage", Ellie Domota, LPK, Guadaloupe.
Surce: "Le Monde", Paris, France, click here:
"We will not let a bunch of békés restore slavery"
Elie Domotique leader of LKP, movement against the living, in Guadeloupe.
On Thursday, Télé Guadeloupe, Le Point relate.
An agreement was signed on the night of Wednesday to Thursday which includes the resumption of work and the lowest increase in wages of 200 euros. But the agreement was not signed by the representatives of MEDEF.
What the union nervous. Bonus-tracks:
- "Either they will implement the agreement, or they leave Guadeloupe."
- "We will not stop and I said this evening the prefect. We are very firm on this issue. We will not let a bunch of békés restore slavery." - "Without question, today, to go shopping in companies that operate in Guadeloupe, in companies that do not give 200 euros to their employees. (...) We ask Guadeloupean not go in such companies there, not to game, Carrefour, Cora, not to race in those firms that do not agree. " (Source: The Point) Read also: - Guadeloupe resumes work - Guadeloupe: LKP new strategy of "all or" - Guadeloupe: the conflict is over ... almost.
Note: "bekes" are members of families priviledged in Guadaulope or "petites blancs" descendant of slaves owners with parenting in France, the french colonial order make them "Big Brothers", untouchables, with transmission of the heritage father to son, granfather to grandson similar to a white Mafia, generation by generation.The elite of "bekes" families have the real power and represent one per cent of the population, the other subordinate families are less than 10% of Guadaloupe demography.

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