Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former US President Bill Clinton are making a whirlwind visit to Haiti .

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By Laura Trevelyan BBC News, Port-au-Prince
On board a US government plane bound for Haiti were also philanthropists, investors and even a Haitian rap star Wyclef Jean.
Mr Ban and Mr Clinton are different in many ways, but both share a love of policy papers, and are enthused by one about Haiti written by economist Paul Collier.
He suggests that if jobs can be created in Haiti's garment industry, this - coupled with Haiti's access to US markets - could transform the country. Electricity must be made cheaper, and Haiti's port put under better management.
Mr Ban and Mr Clinton want to draw the world's attention to Haiti, emphasising what investors and the international community can do to help


Note to his information:Haiti is on the brink of total bankruptcy as a nation due to colonial legacy of slavery and more than a century of total blockade by the old European cities after the defeat of Napoleon in the island, first released in America. Russian economic analysts argue that in a year or two, medium-sized countries will fall into bankruptcy because the old financial system has no ability to recover. If left Haiti without development assistance throughout the Caribbean region will see trapped by the dearth of foreign investment due to lack of infrastructure which the region suffers. Information on the country near collapse of the medium appeared in Novosti offer below:
Latest news Russian expert predicts failure of several medium-sized countries 10:08 10 / 03 / 2009
Moscow, March 10, RIA Novosti. Several nations have to declare bankruptcy following the current crisis that could last three to five years, says Ruben Vardanian, president of the Russian Troika Dialog investment.
"Do not rule out that in two years begins the disintegration of the financial system. Then it will understand that the old model is obsolete and that the State is not a panacea against all evils and a salvation to the crisis," he said. In his view, no need to save those who are on the verge of bankruptcy.
"No descarto que en dos años empiece la desintegración del sistema financiero. Entonces sí llegará comprensión de que el modelo antiguo está obsoleto y que el Estado no es una panacea contra todos los males ni una salvación frente a la crisis", señaló. En su opinión, no hace falta salvar a los que están al borde de la quiebra.

Source "Novosti ria":http://sp.rian.ru/onlinenews/20090310/120486963.html

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