Friday, March 13, 2009

A State racist and Holocaust denier. "Carib Creole One", Guadaloupe.

Since SARTRE, many historians, philosophers, lawyers and economists have tried (and are still trying) to decipher the French ideology, to understand why such a great people sunk in collaboration pétainiste in the OAS and fascism today in a cautious and Eurocentric chauvinism. It is in this nation a constant desire to hide the past when it is inconvenient, to deny the name of a certain virtue republicanism.
Thus the French government has ignored and slavery and post slavery parentage.

In 1946, he granted to Guadeloupean a kind of "neocolonial citizenship" which was not based on any identity.
The denial for a long time in the history of slavery by the School and by a systematic propaganda from oblivion has returned this popular identity, has larbinisée.

This ideology has helped to perpetuate and dual power,
1) a framework of military-administrative French officials also providing new settlers,
2) the old strain of
of Békés Martinican slavery and White Creoles Guadeloupean allies of private French capital and international controls the entire economy of import.

Par Hector Deglas By Hector Deglas 12.03.2009 l 15h31 12.03.2009 l 15.31

GUADELOUPE. GUADELOUPE. Le Moule Jeudi 12 mars 09. Le Moule Thursday 12 March 09. Hector Deglas, nous propose ici, une analyse très fouillée de ce qui est convenu d’appeler désormais » l’affaire Domota. Hector Deglas, we propose here a very detailed analysis of what is now called "the case Domotique. » "
La déclaration du porte-parole du LKP sur RFO-Guadeloupe a donné au pouvoir judiciaire et à l’Etat français le prétexte de voler au secours d’un patronat plus ou moins exogène qui, par ses capitaux, ses surprofits et ses complicités étatiques, verrouille l’économie guadeloupéenne. The statement by the spokesman for the LKP-on RFO Guadeloupe gave the judiciary and the French government the excuse to fly to the rescue of a more or less patronat exogenous who, through their capital, and its excessive profits complicities state Guadeloupe locks the economy.

What the people did wrong to say that these people are "white"?
Because they act as "white", refusing any mix popular homogamy practicing colorist and racist, as if they gave a "uniform" of ethnic recognition.
BECAUSE they monitor their generational way ensuring that no "colored man" did in their capital, if not in their families!
Because they live among themselves in sort of aristocracy practicing apartheid in their places of recreation and housing.(From an article in "Carib Creole One")

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