Saturday, March 7, 2009

The slavery of the information in the caribbean area.

The Caribbean BÉKÉS or privileged families coordinate their policy on data protection and some other medium censorship, the manipulation of telephone charges, office systems, custom special rules in secrecy, and the policies of foreign tourists to lock in special areas to maintain little or no contact with the local population.
These families are so privileged to buy the luxury complete editions of newspapers and magazines from abroad as long as the population has no access to information. This case I've seen, even in the United States from Europe magazine has been purchased in its entirety by a family scandal exposed.
Privileged families or BEKE ", need a fair and corrupt bureaucracy precisely to prevent an uncontrolled progress of productive forces to make their dominance nepotism in danger and, at the same time, to manipulated the economic power of the population managed in order to have controled the political power only for descendant and parenting friends uncondicional o that order.. This is a serius problem for foreign inversionist in the caribbean: the fake accounting system and the infraestructure "de mode"(XVIII century) where "BEKES" political power is forced to be based.
You can sign a protocolo but you never knows who is thinking really about you the elite that you never knows, apprently they have no name and face bur they are in the background, and really manage the country under the mask of a political party and ideology that does not exist in the inner circle of the elite of power, only for mass by TV.

It is the same comedy of Hitler inner circle that never believed in nazi ideology loving american movies, books, magazines and cosmetic Mac Factors forbiden for the people in Germany for ideological reason.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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