Monday, March 9, 2009

Race and class struggle in the Caribbean.France was the most cruel slave-power in the Caribbean. The sample is Haiti.

It seems that the only thing that works very well from France in the Caribbean is the guillotine.
If Guadaloupe, and in general in the French Caribbean the institutions have failed to give equal opportunities to more than 80% of the population descended from slaves, the racial component in the class struggle in the Caribbean is the responsibility of Paris and the western european metropolies until our days ,it is not in the exploited people of caribbean, generally wih black african etnic roots, even i is not the, "de facto" a responsibility of local owners whose racial component is white, mostly descendants of slave owners, with family in France or West Europe.

That heritage known, very well, in Dominican Republic with more than two million illiteratecy people, generally black(Who care about them?), and Cuba, where a known trade union leader before 1959, if he was black, could easily be killed in broad daylight without passing anything, except "some" headlines in the press.
Is historic, so step Lumumba, also happened to Martin Luther King and also spent twenty years in prison Nelson Mandela for the simple fact of being black, a synonym for exploitation and lower class in indefenssion. That was the legacy left us in the Caribbean the metropolis and "encomenderos" in Europe of which France is off as the most cruel, the largest operator of its esclavos. You can test it in Haiti and its misery and the legacy and testimonies of the "petites blancs" refugee in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba during the Revolution of T'oussaint L'Overture.
We know in Cuba the "petites blancs" very well with documents of the periods.
(What happen with France in the caribbean you can read in the novel essay "Explosion in the Cathedral" by Alejo Carpentier and "Via Crucis" by Don Emilio Bacardi Moreau, is a historical problem...)
If, now, the international community and the press allows an insidious and hypocritical apartheid persists in Guadeloupe under the cloak of repression and laws that only works for blacks and mestizos, we are not surprised, because since 400 years ago that we are accustomed to the same violation of human rights, civil and social conditions in the area since Christopher Columbus, Napoleon to "Jim Crown" who destroy de Cuban Revolutionary Party founded by Jose Marti in Tampa, Florida,we have counciusness about they yet are alive in the minds of whoses make even the role of owners of slaves ( or "negreros" in cuban spanish) based on illiteracy and poverty of the people subjected to exploitation generation by generation and never can afford nothings grandfather to grandson,maybe garbich collector or servant or inmigrant, "usually" blacks descendant of african slaves...what coincidence in the caribbean french at the time of atomic plant, GPS, blackberry..., yet,... when we supossed to watch slavery only in the books or visiting the Louvre in Paris ...
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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