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The Prefect of Guadeloupe called at the end of the general strike with AFP | 01.03.09 | 07h22

The prefect of Guadeloupe, Nicolas Desforges had "solemnly" called Saturday 28 February, at the end of the general strike in Guadeloupe on Monday, arguing that the bulk of claims LKP had been met and that further movement would be " self-destrucive". " A call is considered "very cavalier and disrespectful" Domotique Elie, by the leader of the LKP, who has not indicated what action it intends to give.

"Only the signature of the protocol end of the conflict will lead to arrest," said shortly before one of his lieutenants Gaby Keyboard. But according to the prefect, "substantially" the claims of LKP is "acquired" and especially the most "iconic", covering the rise of 200 euros on low wages. "The return to normal life in which aspire Guadeloupean is now," he told the press. The school must be "normally" Monday said Desforges, believing that children Guadeloupean should not be taken as "hostages". In addition to the wage agreement, Mr. Desforges considered a "dozen" of 19 other major LKP claims were satisfied, including the declining prices of petrol and 100 basic products as well as the freezing of rents.


But the agreement on wages is at the heart of a real mess. Medef and several other major organizations representing key sectors including tourism, are still refusing to sign it, camping on their own proposal. Mediators of the government, whose mandate ends, have themselves acknowledged Saturday "weakness" of this partial agreement. Without a breakthrough in the dialogue on the island, the ball could be found quickly on the side of government. Mr. Domotique has already announced its intention to request the Ministry of Labor, which has the option to extend to all businesses in Guadeloupe implementing the Agreement.

The President of Medef Guadeloupe Willy Angeles Sunday doubted that the agreement be extended to all enterprises. Without waiting for the call to end the strike, more and more businesses lift their curtains across the island. All stations are now open.

In Martinique, however, it is still in line at the pump. The announcement of a gradual reopening Friday afternoon led to a rush in the stations. These should all be operational on Tuesday. A Fort-de-France, blocked since February 5, negotiations resumed in the afternoon. The agreement, which appeared Thursday to hand, takes longer than expected to emerge.

A suspect indicted for the death of trade unionist Jacques Bino
A 35-year-old suspect was indicted, Saturday February 28, for murder and attempted murder and imprisoned in connection with the investigation into the death of trade unionist Jacques Bino, shot and killed on the night of 17 to 18 February in Pointe-à-Pitre. It has already been convicted three times for violence. Four others, aged 30 to 39 years, were also under investigation but left open under strict judicial control.

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