Monday, March 30, 2009

MEXICO:"That the U.S. also clean your house, Felipe Calderon in London.

"But what exactly is going to ask the president Obama?
Public policies that we undertake to reduce consumption. This is the efficient cause of the problem we have here.
Two, stop the flow of arms into Mexico, because over 90% of those 30,000 weapons were purchased in United States. And the weapons are sold in the U.S. are arming the criminals who act against Mexico today but tomorrow it can act against the Americans.
Three, improving the logistics infrastructure of the border as non-intrusive technology to stop the trafficking of drugs into United States, but also to stop the smuggling of arms and money to Mexico which today has a timely and efficient review. And finally, logistic support, intelligence and information to help us catch criminals."

"I admit the statement said. In Mexico there is drug trafficking because there is corruption of some authorities and it is true that there have been and I'm fighting with everything. But I say the same logic, if this is true, the fact that there is drug trafficking in United States means that one of the reasons is that there is corruption in certain authorities. What I mean is to investigate both sides. I am cleaning my house and I hope that the other side also clean the house."

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