Saturday, March 28, 2009

Martinique Unions resumption economic activities.

The resumption of economic activities and school in Martinique announces imminent end to the strike against the "living" in the island Wednesday.

Martinique: economic life resumed timidly Fort-de-France. (AP) The economic life timidly returned to Martinique after the agreement signed on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday between(UNIONS IN MARTIQUE) "collective 5-February"* and representatives of employers, the increase of 200 euros on low wages (up to 1.4 times the SMIC) and adjustments for wages on top.

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Blog du Collectif du 5 Février 2009 Blog Otonom Mawon du Collectif martiniquais du 5 Février 2009

"According to estimates of the mass distribution of the MEDEF(BIG OWNERS OF BUSSINES IN MARTINIQUE) (Movement of Entrepreneurs in France) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique, 10 million euros in food have already been lost, which corresponds 600 containers of fresh produce reached expiry."

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