Saturday, March 7, 2009

Martinique, French Caribbean...!Hatred and class struggleA special rapporteur of the United Nations is needed in the French Caribbean..

AFP / JEAN-MICHEL ANDRE The conflict erupted on the sidelines of a protest launched by business leaders and farmers against the economic blockade of the, paralyzed by a general strike for over a month.
Tension in Martinique, the extension of the wage agreement in Guadeloupe 07.03.09 08h51 • Mis à jour le 07.03.09 13h48
Note of the blogger:There are hundreds of detainees in Gudaloupe, Martinique and Reunion and scenes of violence and repression occur in the French Caribbean islands, but as readers can see an entire press censorship to avoid the problem of human rights and the colonialist system racist, exploitative and oppressive lack this information in "Le Monde".Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota,Florida.
"To the thirtieth day of the general strike on the island, the new flare occurred following a demonstration against-in the day. Socio-professionals, farmers and representatives of the construction had decided to travel in convoy to Fort-de-France, to ask the prefect of free industrial zones, blocked for a month. Many bosses say they are on the verge of suffocation, and two companies have been placed in a lockout. This "peaceful mobilization" has been interpreted by the strikers as a provocation. The rumor that békés the descendants of white settlers, were at the head of the procession was enough to inflame the minds. This part of the population is stigmatized Martinican length of speeches since the conflict began as head of the "living"."

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