Sunday, March 8, 2009

The LPK of Guadeloupe has had two factors for success in association management: incorporating as ideological union educators and arts groups around which have nucleated academics, journalists and intellectuals. This ensures communications to mobilize and lead the masses and gives a broader movement within the leadership of the productive forces of Guadaloupe as a clever way to combat racism, inequality and exploitation of privileged elites.
The LPK has a strong and broad political platform within the population of Guadeloupe as it represents the possibility of development within the nation of all classes and strata of the population in one way or another suffer from the exploitation of "BÉKÉS" and colonial bureaucracy associated with them.
Docile and corrupt bureaucracy that supports the political power relations based on family preference, nepotism, needs to monitor communications and universities they use rules by ideological discrecion, ideological standards that in his inner circle ever applied.
For "Bekes" is essential to controlling the population is kept low purchasing power, travel and communications, information,(Informatic level in individuals to communicate and recipt and proceced data from/and around the world to exchange information with freedom of speech) in addition to limiting the technical and scientific exchanges. They see a danger in scientific exchange, including in the analysis of scientists in the press about social problems, arguing that there are ideological reasons or terrorism or limitations of copyright, but in reality they fear that the philosophy of sciences up their bases of power based on the handling of the situation according to their interests.

Note.-A historic event occurred in Russia when in the 70's the children of privileged families, took power in the Kremlin. Quickly invented medals as heroes of the Great Patriotic War and were invented false stories of fighting in the front against the Nazis using the resources of millionaires studies Soviets "Mosfil" An army of talent produced films, novels and paintings of characters as leaders without talent, promoted to heads of state by the mere fact of being children or grandchildren of the historic leader with cerebral wear for their advanced age. This economic disaster started when the Russian elite families began to control the universities and the scientific and ideological standards applied to ensure the transmission of power to his descendants. Wealth is concentrated in few hands and the economy is frozen because most lost purchasing power, the money left to move and had to issue more and more money in the hands of bureaucracy that further increase the administrative corruption in Russia. Hence the current fortunes of the Russian capitalist and the new focus of power. A similar situation we are living in America where the state rescues, now, the same failed historical bureaucracy without any brain in decades to develop the economy and the society, and its privileges.
The rule of the elite families of those in power is the same wherever they are state or part of it, is to buy a mansion in France or Spain to the brother or the daughter of his father "who disagree, as too scandalous to keep out of sight of the local population under control, they see as corrupt those who make too much political power and are outside the family circle, and, incidentally, handled the nation's history and making up false titles of aristocratic lineage, and oversized pass any act in which relegates to the background history the true heroes of the day.
Hence, in the Caribbean has been heavily censored information about unions in the LPK Guadaloupe a real danger to the elites who really decrepit nepotism rule in the area.
When the "BÉKÉS" are threatening their power quickly cover them with the special troops sent by France to rebel territory in the Caribbean which is the equivalent of an auto-coup state to impose a military junta with new institutions to ensure the privileges of elites.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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