Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guadaloupe: another "Valhalla" of France in the Caribbean.

The difference between a dictatorship and Guadaloupe elderly an decrepit nepotism in the power is the style, but the genre is the same.
Sending special forces to suppress the population of Guadeloupe is the equivalent of an auto-coup as usual in the caribbean area and latinoamerican dictadure based on nepotism more than a political orientation of a party.
You may consider that there is not a political party on the island where a elite of families with a well-defined racial profiling dominate everything as they wish decades by decades wihout any changes, "immaculate" and "untouchable" in his privae life by the any law, and giving to the rest of the population is subject to restrictions in their purchasing power, communication and travel that never can be compared with the level of life, communication and travel they own, different from the rest of the population for all the members of those families more sacred than a catle in India, without any kind of supervision by any attorney of the law or court or sate administration, media or union?
We feel sorry, ashamed, as if you born in Guadeloupe as a talented intellectual and you're not like the family that dominates the island or have a distaste for the "status quo" dominant you inmediatly pass to a third class citizen, or as he called the black slave "cimarrones" the Spanish caribbean owner during the slavery "a black "bembom".("a niger with big lips or dissident in that period)

Through speculation and exploitation of workers, a minority dominates 80% of the population of Guadeloupe that is subjected to low wages, without benefits. with a small basket, due to high prices of all products. This is a policy of domination of the population by limiting their purchasing power, typical of tropical dictatorships.

What happened to cause social unrest, corruption, those who violate the law are second class people in Guadeloupe?
What are the powerful families whose members never appeared before any court, intachablesmy always clean and they never are corrupt or abuse of power before the constitution and the criminal court in Guadaloupe?
There are actually a court of law and constitution in Guadaloupe for all citizens equally, or a system of abuse of power by a group of white families?

According to some press articles, the real government of Guadeloupe is one percent of white families with parenting in France.One problem most of the sociology than politics, as we have illustrated the history of the Borgia family or Trujillo in power in the Dominican Republic, also decorated like an emperor in Rome appointed his horse consul.

Basically, France sanctifies the old fashion gourmet style of the dominant white families from the time of slavery in Gudaloupe. To these interests,Anyone who has the larva of Victor Hugo in the brain is corrupted, for these people, and is branded as ambitious as left or right for the convenience of piracy in the Caribbean.

A group of old decrepit racist whites( a "MAFIA" blessed by undisclosed corruption with his tropicals Al Capone's families who dominate the constitution as his wish, courts and lawyers and never has retirement or disability like Franco in Spain) in the power during four centuries, supported by their children and grandchildren who want to succeed in office generation by generationof , keeps a ten per cent of the other one white population as a first-class citizens and France, as the exploitative power of the wealth of Guadaloupe.
It is the same history where ever you found a dictatorship family supported for a foreing imperial nation based on geopolitical infraestructure. It does not matter what kind of political orientation supported the ambition of power of the decrepit little elite, sometimes in the background of the escenary, sometimes making a comedy to the masses, more succeful for Paris caviar left than Moliere in Versalles or Napoleon in Egipt.

Who called this state of apartheid a democracy in the Caribbean, except for any other freedom of the press?

Precisely how to refer to holding a majority of the population Gaudaloupe their purchasing power is to reduce to a minimum so that they never occur access to political power only for rich white family known since the days of plantation slaves, to our days with a lot of priledges, benefits and power oc communicaion and travel that never can enjoy any worker and farmer with second class citizenship.The only way for them if they want to sucess is the emigration to United States, Canada or France. "C'est la vie" for the people of Guadaloupe and so many caribbeans in the same condition without "ius gentius" in his own homeland!

For these families known interests in power, there are no other political party that they, their children and grandchildren: The dominant party in Guadaloupe, "de facto", is the party of the inmaculated and clean litle group of rich families in the power for decades based on nepotism own tropical dictatorships presciption like Trujillo in Santo Domingo with the chest full of self-decorations, which always pass power from father to son.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.


"As you know, since two or three days recently, a vast propaganda campaign was launched for the resumption of classes, because they believe the resumption of classes is equivalent to the death of the movement in progress"

"(...), all the other points of discussion related to Education is performed in the negotiations between the State and the LKP will be recorded when they are signed under the future agreement between the State and the LKP. Nous avons donc exigé et obtenu qu’il fasse figurer dans notre accord que tout ce qui sera obtenu dans le cadre des négociations globales, seront annexées à cet accord sectoriel. We have therefore demanded and obtained the inclusion in our agreement that everything will be achieved in the context of global negotiations, will be attached to this Sector Understanding. Tant que ces points n’auront pas été signés, nous ne reprendrons pas le travail. Until these points have not been signed, we will not work. C’est le LKP qui décidera de la suspension du mouvement de grève ; car c’est à l’intérieur du LKP que ces revendications ont été formulées ! This is the LKP will decide on the suspension of strike action, because it is within the LKP these claims have been made! Il n’est donc pas question pour le moment de suspendre le mouvement de grève tant que cet accord ne sera pas signé ! It is not a matter for the moment to suspend the strike until the agreement is not signed!"

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