Thursday, March 5, 2009

Journalist and "encomenderos" of New Spain in the caribbean.

The international press media and the Caribbean.

The strike of several weeks that shook the French Caribbean was censored by the major international media so that the public in rich countries are not aware of the patterns of colonial oppression in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion, where the process involves the ode population to the brink of civil war.
High rates of corruption, a system of false accounting in companies protect the elites and their privileges. They are the real culprits of the economic crisis, impoverishment of the population and frustration of the elite of the working class and peasant and the source for discouraging foreign investment in a world that is already based on a monetary and trade extremely unjust and unequal.
In the Caribbean these kind of systems became collaborators of imperialism and colonialism as stewardship of foreign powers to stagnate the elite of families(BEKKES) in the power, generation by generation as we saw in the sample of Guadaloupe.
Old old fashioned politicians must understand that the old order of the self-coup d'etat using special troops are not the solution of economic problems of a country amid a global economic crisis and should be removed from the scene before running lucky LIKE Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette et les boîtes du "rape".

It is clear for the entire Caribbean, we are defenseless against the powerful interests behind the media that dominate the press associated with the modeling of the most decrepit and reactionary leaders who only seek personal glory and absolute power. These economic interests that govern the global information support governments decrepit manage by a bureaucracy supporting caste families who are above any law or court while omitting information about the union leaders as Ellie Domota.
The journalists know that the real source of political power of the masses is the union, and thus, the elite classes that are based on vested interests feel panic at the unions, a danger to their perks and privileges.
The political has the main source in the unions as the only factor that ensures the social conscience of a party in power and not the ideology of the Party itself, and if we see the problem of the state from this point of view, the union has to operate as its counterpart or it becomes a theater manipulated by the bureaucracy of protecting interests of elite's families known.
This economic crisis gives us the lesson that the security and stability of the nation can not be in the hands of a bureaucracy that protect elites in power. The process in Russia, the collapse of the Soviet Union confirmed, before and after the fall, that the weakness of unions is the rise of state bureaucracies and elite families, which weakens the nation at the end of the road and the state becomes highly dependent on foreign nations and under inestable geopolitic.
The processes in the United States and Russia, confirm to our experience that without an awareness of workers and peasants in terms of social and economic problems, no matter whether the state is inclined to the left or right, the society is crumbling in the hands of a bureaucracy irresponsible and corrupt people, lover of power and their privileges by their class origin, usually the rich and bourgeois class with high privileges out of law and order.
In both cases, the vested interests of privileged families and an inefficient state bureaucracy are the collapse of the economy, without any link with the unions, nor real leadership in political parties. Today the class struggle becomes more acute and the role of unions is important because of the high concentration of wealth and power. This is the big difference between the 1930 crisis and the present. In 1930 the differences between classes were not as acute as today. Power and resources were not concentrated in so small as elites today. And this is a source of highly explosive social discontent even within the United States of America. Specifically, this occurs when unions are weaker in their political participation within the state. When unions were limited to economic demand and have forgotten their responsibility regarding the social and political aspects of the nation. No political party can be the substitute of the union, by contrast, unions are the source of political parties with the capacity to unite the whole nation The nature of the capitalist system of production in stage technology, the globalization of communications and fast changing nature of technology sidelined systems patriarchs decrepit government protected by a bureaucracy of elite families as happened in Russia with Communist Party in Moscow and as in many states with democracies right.

Journalists in the Caribbean, French, Spanish or English, should be clear that communicate with each other is the strategy of change the psychology of explotation,a sample is the american worker and union media strategy and tatics supporting Obama election in United States based on the same level of counciussnes of the worker and farmer of Guadaloupe agroupped in LPK , we know beyond the interests behind the media, almost always associated with untouchable families in protecting their power and privileges demagogy by political interests tied to foreign powers.

One of the main models of domination of the powerful families of caste is to implement business models, monetary rules, pricing, custom regulations... that reduce the purchasing power of most people, this is the first known-how easily for a small elite to dominates and controls the movement and communication( informatic) of workers and peasants generation after generation relying on political parties that do not exist really, only a burocracy that support them.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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