Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dominican Republic writer honored in Cornell University, New York.

"He worked as hard on his fiction as anyone who's ever passed through here -- not just on writing his fiction but reimagining his fiction. He is funny, and also ferocious," said Stephanie Vaughn, professor of English, who nominated Díaz for the award. "When he was here, he used to say he wanted to be the most famous man from the Dominican Republic who wasn't a baseball player." from "Chronicleonline", Cornell University, New York.

Arts and immigration panel considers the 'super Latino'
"Anything that's going to create a sort of super-Latino or create a new possibility of larger, more productive, more humane collectives is going to require a narrative that currently doesn't exist," Díaz said. "Right now the forces that are fragmenting people have at their disposal narratives of astonishing power and reach."
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