Sunday, March 29, 2009

CNN report about organic agriculture in Cuba as a parameter in energy crisis.

"The industrialized world can learn that its dependency on oil will eventually push it through similar experiences to that which Cuba had to face in the 1990's, and with similar outcomes," says Julia Wright, author of "Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in an Era of Oil Scarcity: Lessons from Cuba."
"We can also learn that if we do not have the necessary capacities in place, our food production system will be caught short, as was Cuba."
All over the world from New Zealand to the United Kingdom members of the Transition Town Movement, which aims to help communities prepare for the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change, hold regular screenings of the film, "The Power of Community", an upbeat documentary that explores the Cuban experience, alongside films about our oil addiction such as "The End of Suburbia" and "A Crude Awakening."
"Cuba inspires groups overseas wanting to develop alternative, more sustainable farming and food systems, partly based on the myth that has built up around Cuba being organic," says Wright.
"Organic farming in Cuba only operates in urban areas, not rural... [but] the Cuban organic movement and the people within it are highly dedicated to their work and will continue to influence and be influenced by the organic movement overseas."

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