Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caribbean psichology and the problem of the State and the class in a global crisis.

Racism in the Caribbean is closely linked to discrimination against women.
For the poor participation of women in management levels of society in the Caribbean can be seen that the system of privileged families, generation after generation, is a historical area .
As a black "Barack Obama is elected President of The United States of America where it is assumed there are millions of racist people, however high levels of civic participation of the American population transcends all barriers, including an economic crisis of global magnitude.
What we mean in this historic America?
We mean that the sociological problems in the class struggle is not a major factor when applied to political participation, models of government where citizens have access to information, documentation, freedom of expression and action in their country without having to make life for immigrants.
Models of governance in the Caribbean area must design systems of participation of all people with access to health, education, social security and work. These Millennium UN Goals are not difficult to reach any country in the Caribbean where the European Union and the United States ar able todecided to take an intelligent and proactive policy in the entire area if they wan to do.
I do not believe that a particular country, even the ruling classes are truly responsible for a mechanism that responds to outdated and insurmountable.
Any country in the Caribbean can be a disaster, as happens with Haiti, if no time to Implemented policies of participation and cooperation in any area where Caribbean people be marginalized as a citizen of a second or third class to powerful and dominant families generation after generation . It is seriously the economic challenge facing a global climatic and economic crisis that could destabilize a small country in the hands of leadership failures in public administration.
Sir, this is not a game, there is on the board over the stability and security of our countries, small and fragile in a world unfair, unequal, unstable political situation with no less than five years or more due to changes in energy infraesructura of "international trade" .. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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