Friday, February 27, 2009

Discriminaciuon against blacks, exploitation and illiteracy in the Caribbean Suriname

Source:BBC Caribbean News in Brief

Suriname questioned over maroons
Suriname's representatives have faced some tough questions over the country's treatment of maroons,
the descendants of slaves.
The grilling took place at a hearing of the
United Nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination in Geneva.
Henry McDonald, the ambassador of Suriname to the UN in New York, told the UN committee that all racial and cultural groups in the country were coexisting and cooperating peacefully with each other.
But committee rapporteur, Elias Murillo Martinez, spoke of his regret that too great a number of Maroons were illiterate.
The UN Committee also said it had serious concerns on Suriname's mining legislation, in particular whether royalties were paid to indigenous peoples for the exploitation of natural resources on their land.

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