Friday, February 27, 2009

San Francisco Bay View, national black newspaper dennounced repression in Guadaloupe.

The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, founded in 1976, is a communications network for the Black community worldwide, with its

  • website,, where hits have often exceeded 2 million a month, and
  • free print edition that’s distributed throughout the Bay Area and mailed to subscribers, including hundreds of prisoners all over the country.

Exciting, thought-provoking stories and commentary on the full range of Black trials and triumphs - covering the Black economy, politics, arts, education, history, current events, health, religion - and those of other communities, along with stunning color photography, fill the website and the pages of each paper - a paper so popular that it disappears within hours of hitting the stands.

The Bay View is the paper people read cover to cover, trust, tack up on bulletin boards, forward to friends and fellow activists around the world, keep for reference, discuss and act on every week. Bay View readers from the ivory tower to the grass roots are active and involved, leaders of today and tomorrow. Especially popular with young people, the Bay View is used by many educators in their classrooms.

To support the Bay View, consider advertising your event, organization or business, subscribing for yourself or a friend, contributing to the Prisoners’ Subscription Fund or making a donation, either tax deductible or not. Information is available by clicking on Advertise or About Us or by writing or calling us at (415) 671-0789. Your support is our lifeblood. We cannot continue our work without you.

The Bay View, the voice of Black Liberation, aims to equip and inspire Black people and all people to rise up and fight for freedom and justice, to build unity within the community and solidarity with other communities. We welcome you to the Bay View family as a reader - and as a writer: Submit your news and views to


There’s nothing quite like reading a newspaper in print. Now you can subscribe to have the Bay View mailed to you each month. Click on the Subscribe button, and we’ll mail you the next monthly Bay View newspaper. Subscriptions are $24.00 per year or $2.00 per month.

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Looking for a great gift? A subscription to the Bay View is a gift that will be treasured throughout the year – a reminder with each issue of your friendship. Be sure to give us the name and address where you want the Bay View to be mailed.


Your donations, along with advertising and subscriptions, are the lifeblood of the Bay View. For most of us, any donation at all is a sacrifice. With all our hearts, we thank you and pledge to use your donation wisely in the struggle for liberation. Click on the Donate button to support the Bay View’s work. Specify the Bay View Prisoners’ Subscription Fund if you’d like your funds to cover the cost of mailing the paper to prisoners.

Make your donation tax-deductible by specifying the Hurricane Relief Information Network and clicking on the Just Give Donate button below. The Hurricane Information Relief Network, EIN 20-4324012, is the Bay View newspaper’s nonprofit 501(c)(3) project to provide information and news coverage by, for and about the Hurricane Amerikkka (Katrina) survivors who remain stranded across the U.S. and those who are returning home to rebuild their lives and communities. Donations are fully tax deductible and are used to publish lifesaving information in the Bay View newspaper in print and online. Be sure to provide your mailing address so we can acknowledge your gift with an IRS letter.

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San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper
4917 Third St.
San Francisco CA 94124-2309
(415) 671-0789, fax (415) 671-0789

Willie Ratcliff, Publisher,
Mary Ratcliff, Editor,
POCC Minister of Information JR, Associate Editor & Multimedia Director,
Wanda Sabir, Arts Editor,
Ahimsa Sumchai, M.D., Health and Environmental Science Editor,
Kiilu Nyasha, Columnist,
Apollonia Jordan, Staff Writer,


The Bay View is a free newspaper dedicated to the liberation of Black people and all oppressed people throughout the world. We encourage you to spread Bay View stories widely by email, on other websites or by publication in any medium so long as you mention that you found them in the Bay View, at

If, however, you see a copyright notice in the tagline at the end of a story, first contact the writer for permission.


The Bay View print edition is distributed widely in the Bay Area, and most of the papers are picked up as soon as they’re put out. The apple green Bay View news racks, however, hold a lot of papers and are a good place to find yours. Here are the locations:


1) Coliseum BART, San Leandro Boulevard & 73rd Avenue
2) International & 65th Avenue
3) International & 73rd Avenue
4) International & 98th Avenue
5) International & 84th Avenue
6) Bancroft & 77th Avenue
7) Bancroft & Havenscourt
8) Seminary & MacArthur Boulevard

San Francisco

9) Fillmore & O’Farrell - Safeway east entrance
10) Mission & 24th Street BART
11) Glide Memorial Church, 330 Ellis in the Tenderloin*
12) Longshoremen’s Hall, 400 N. Point St. at Taylor on the waterfront*
13) Super Save, Third & McKinnon*
14) Walgreen’s, Third & Evans in Bayview Plaza and Third & Williams*

*At these locations, you’ll find the Bay View inside the main entrance.


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