Sunday, February 15, 2009

President Chavez has just won the "Yes" in Venezuela

President Chavez has just won the "Yes" in Venezuela and in the early speeches before thousands of enthusiastic supporters explain the nature of his victory by citing phrases Spanish writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans sing slogans used by the Popular Unity in Chile during the government of Salvador Allende in 1970.
Chavez said to have confessed on the phone to a couple of Fathers of the Venezuelan Catholic Church who blessed him and recommended to dedicate a quotation from St. Paul who compromee for life in the service of people, suffered, the most oppressed of the Venezuelan population.
At the same time feeling a soldier in the Venezuelan people to continue the revolution that began Simon Bolivar during the War of Independence in Latin America.
Was declared as a candidate for Presidency of the Republic in the upcoming elections ,with God's will, according to their Catholic faith and identify new areas to reformulate its policy line directly to the population.
The fight against public insecurity, corruption, energy costs and bureaucracy are new lines of policy of this new phase during which integration asked the Venezuelan people, including those who voted for the no.
According to Chavez, the rule should be revised for greater efficiency and that there depends the future of Venezuela.
He speak also about creating an agency to design philosophy of government in economics, politics, health, and geopolitical and handling the popular and revolutionary nature of the process.
CNN monitored espanol by Gualterio Nunez Estrada.

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