Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The offcial website of the Embassy of India in Havana show a strong interest in caribbeans countries.

Mrs. Mitra Vasisht Born

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of India in Havana concurrently accredited to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
We have fashioned this website with the objective of making available information about India and its relations with Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti.
We would also like this portal to be a gateway for our friends in these three countries to important government, business, tourist and other offices in India to which links have been provided.
We have tried to transmit the energy of a young and resurgent India in these pages and will address your queries and enquiries exhaustively to bring you the most up to date information from India on political, commercial, consular and other matters.

Our special section Business with India anticipates your concerns with FAQs for parties interested in initiating trade and commerce. Know India provides valuable insights into India’s polity and culture. The section on consular matters has been revised keeping in mind questions frequently raised at our visa meetings. Applications forms for obtaining all these services have also been placed on the website for downloading.
The Photo Gallery has been made dynamic and the Embassy’s Fortnightly Newsletter ‘Today’s India’ has been provided online. We are adding new features for Indian travellers to Cuba, DR and Haiti Travel advisory and FAQ’s by Indians visiting these countries which we hope you will find useful.
For specific queries on India, visitors may contact our Commercial, Consular and Information officer/s in the Embassy by e-mail or in person. It is our endeavour to be of assistance to all those who have an interest in India.
We would welcome your views, suggestions and ideas on making the website more informative and user friendly. Do write to us at hoc@indembassyhavana.cu if you have any comments and ideas.
With best wishes,
Dr Mitra Vasisht
Ambassador of India to Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti

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