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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

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Media silence on Cuba five case slammed

Cuba: US lawyer Dean Hubbard criticized the silence of the great information monopolies on the case of the five anti-terrorist fighters now in US prisons, internationally known as the Cuban Five.

In an interview Monday, given to Cuban weekly newspaper Trabajadores, the US outstanding lawyer talked about the conclusion taken by Polish journalist Ryszard Kaspuscinsky, who said that in a contemporary democracy, what is not published in the media, does not really exist.

“The press transnationals do not have the will to publish anything on the case of the Cuban Five, which is now taken to the Supreme Court in the US,” said the US lawyer.

For his part, British politics professor Steve Ludlam, working in the University of Sheffield, north of England, told Trabajadores that the solidarity campaign with the Cuban Five is growing in the UK, despite the silence of the British press.

Ludlam said that the UK trade union magazines and newspapers are developing a hard work to promote the process of the Cuban Five.

Both intellectuals coincided on the idea that it is ethical to support the cause of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters and condemn the US government?(tm)s “double moral”.

The Cuban Five were arrested and imprisoned in 1998, because they were picking information destined to prevent Cuba against extremist actions by counterrevolutionary bands in the US, and also to prevent the life of US citizens.

Havana, Tuesday, Prensa Latina

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